Nature's Treasures

A few week's ago, I made a treasure, sensory box for The Boy and he has thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the different colours and textures in it. Following last week's successful trip to the park where we found some amazing gems. We collected the larger, more round items up into his little shopping bag, and stuck the collection of leaves onto a recycled nature board.

It took The Boy a little time to understand that we were looking for different types of leaves; not as complicated as the species of tree, just colours and shapes. When we compared them after, he was able to distinguish the different shapes, but with the subtle shades in the Autumnal colours he found it quite tricky to distinguish the differences. He liked feeling them though and using the words 'scrunchy' and 'smooth'.

He has been a boy obsessed this week. The treasure box has had to come down at every opportunity. Throughout the week, I've had to remove certain mouldy parts but it has continued to serve him as a great source of enjoyment and fun. Of course, I've taken the opportunity to guide him. Of course I have: I'm a teacher!

He's sorted, counted, ordered, described.

But more importantly, he's had fun!

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    What a fab idea! I can see a signs of autumn trip on the horizon and to make a goodie box like you and the a boy have is a great a to learn about all things nature and autumn. As mummymummymum has asked, if I blog about it and link back to you is that ok? Such a simple but effective idea – well you are a teacher 🙂 x

  2. says

    Every journey is taking us longer at the moment because there's so much interesting stuff to pick up from the floor. I love the idea of gathering the treasure together to make this discovery box. Thanks for sharing with us at the Play Academy.


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