The Gallery: Animals

The theme this week provided by the lovely Tara is animals:

I'm sure we're going to see a lot of photos of pets, but try to branch out, be a bit different. Test yourself. Go off in search of a cow or a ladybug or something a little more exotic.

Tara will be pleased to hear that I'm not even going to touch the idea of pets. We haven't got any and I don't want any until I can no longer avoid it with The Boy. Although before he was born, we had some gorgeous fancy goldfish including a Bristol Blue Shubunkin called Bob who was stunning. Absolutely gorgeous! He originated as a classroom pet along with Daphne, Derek, Clive and Cynthia. Daphne and Derek were sent home with two children, who adored them, at the end of the school year. Clive and Cynthia came home with me. Unfortunately they didn't cope with the move very well and turned up their fins. But Bob was indestructable. I almost killed him twice through keeping him a plastic box which, it transpires, was slowly poisoning him in the sunlight. However, I managed to save him and from then on in (for three years) we were inseparable. Until I had The Boy and couldn't face cleaning him out regularly. So he and Betty, her with the deformed mouth, were dispatched to a good home.

I've waffled on about pets when I wasn't going to.

We've had a summer of animals!

This last weekend, we have been up to Manchester with the initial purpose of seeing Mr. Fletcher at MediaCity, but ending up socialising instead. On Saturday we went to Blue Planet Aquarium, Chester with MammyWoo, AddyWoo and the Irish One. I've long wanted to take The Boy to an aquarium to show him fish, this is a really good one as it has an aqua tunnel which is 70 metres long and takes you into the world of sharks, rays and stunning tropical fish.

[nggallery id=13]

Earlier in the summer, we had another tweet-up with some other fabulous bloggers (Wendy and family from Inside the Wendy House, and Helen and family from The Crazy Kitchen). Here we joined the traffic jam which is normally synonymous with Birmingham, but this time relocated to West Midlands Safari Park. As amazing as it is, two and half hours driving around a load of Safari animals who are mostly asleep in the trees is a tad frustrating. That was until we came to my favourite animal of all time. I'm not saying anything else on the subject…

[nggallery id=14]

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Ha ha I relate to your goldfish story! The one we had as a replacement is still alive amazingly!
    I enjoy seeing fish at an aquarium we took B a few weeks ago although he preferred running around as he wasnt in the buggy! And I think the is something about giraffes – so tall yet so graceful . Lovely collection of photos x

  2. says

    When the OH first moved in he brought a ill looking shoal of goldfish with him. The incessant bubbling of the water pump kept me awake all night so they were quickly dispatched to a friend's pond where they are living it up now.

    I love giraffes. I have a v nice collection of cuddly ones which are now my son's. Great pictures x

  3. mum2babyinsomniac says

    I am dreading the day Iyla wants to get a pet! I can handle fish though so I think that will be the only option! Love the frog picture, frogs are my second favourite animals. I went to Bristol Aquarium the other day by the way. It is really good, you get to watch a film in the imax too (well an educational programme on sharks but it's in 3d which makes it interesting!) x

  4. says

    Lovely and I am so pleased you have seen Mammywoo! Next summer I shall try to arrange for us all to meet up! We went to an aquarium in London this summer and it was fab! Although Noah was more excited to see Nemo than the sharks. x

  5. says

    I love meeting up with other bloggers, and we enjoyed the Blue Planet when we went earlier in the year πŸ™‚

    Give me a shout next time you're in the area πŸ™‚

  6. says

    we loved the safari and yes the Giraffes are amazing!! however I went for the easy options and used my beautiful dog as subject (hopefully Tara wn't be too mad πŸ˜‰

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