The Gallery: A Photographic Moment in Time

When Tara announced that the theme of this week's Gallery was in celebration of World Photography Day last Friday, I smiled to myself. I love photographs, I love what they capture: the moments, the emotions, the memories, the treasured times.

It must be a photo from today (or the weekend). Make it a photo to treasure for generations to come; family life, a moment, a precious family member frozen in time, a day out.

Well I did take a cracking shot on that day, only I used it for my Silent Sunday before I'd read the above prompt. It completely epitomised my week with The Boy; something I feel was the biggest mile-stone in his little life so far. It's changed him from a baby boy, passed a toddler, into a little boy properly. Leading up to this event had been a huge emotional roller-coaster, and as much as he was ready for it; I also needed to make sure that I was so as to not put him off!

However, I also took this photo that day; a moment to treasure.

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  1. Jenny Paulin says

    Awww the boy as a 'boy' he has done so well with the potty training! All credit to him and you. It's a lovely photo to sum up his rites of passage following his potty training x

  2. says

    Looks like a photo from another generation for some reason.
    Well done you on potty training.
    When I finally got my first son into big boy pants, it coincided with his nursery play and he spent the whole time flashing them at the audience

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