Daddy SIGG

Well, aren't I the lucky one?

It started on what the Boy would call "Daddy's Day", but what everyone else calls Fathers' Day. I'd been impressed with the Boy's Desert Fun and his Mummy's Summer Splash, and so the Boy's Mummy decided that I needed a SIGG bottle of my own. Knowing that I'm not a bright designs type of person, she chose a classic 'Heritage' for me and, knowing how much I would be using it don't drink enough at all during the day; one that could take a full litre.

Since then, it's been everywhere with us. I've packed it alongside the Boy's and his Mummy's bottles for trips to beaches and all over the country, but more importantly also take it to work with me every day. Aside from yesterday, when I was in such a rush I forgot it; I knew something was missing but I was already on my way to work before I realised what. Now, the Boy's Mummy can be sure I won't forget to drink water during the day, and I don't have to worry about walking halfway around the builiding just to find a usable tap.

What's more, the Boy and his Mummy even chosen a specific lid. Not one of these new-fangled coloured caps, this one is metal all the way. It's not the only SIGG bottle in the office; a colleague has the Vipers Illusion design on his, and he swears by his SIGG's durability.

A classic design through and through, and a fantastic and much-appreciated present.

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