Snazzy Faces with Snazaroo: TRU Review

One of the items that we were sent to review for Toys R Us was the Snazaroo Unisex Face Painting Sticks. This was quite convenient timing because a fortnight ago I spend a jolly (?) few hours painting butterflies and pirates onto the faces of my pupils at the Summer fayre. An ideal opportunity to test them out!

The pack contains a white, red, black, yellow, blue and green face painting stick, and is advertised as 'ready to use; no water needed'. Sounded promising, especially as we invariably end up with a big queue of impatient children, with little time to mess around. They are also non-toxic, and as with most Snazaroo products (except red, never red), are easily removed with soap and water. They are slanted on the end to provide a drawing point and seem to be of a good consistency.

I tried them out when drawing lines on the children's faces, for example the black silhouetted palm tree on the sunset scene, or with swirls on the butterflies, however they just didn't appear to provide enough precision to be used for detail. I also tried them out on a tiger faces and because the stripes didn't need to be more than a line of colour they were better suited to this type of painting.

An aspect that I wasn't keen on was the consistency. They say they don't need to be used with water, but I actually found that I was having to press and drag quite hard to get colour off, and don't forget these are children's faces that I am drawing on. I dipped them in water to see if that helped but it really didn't. If you are using them on older children or for lines that aren't precise, then they're fine. Otherwise I'd rather stick to Snazaroo's blocks of colour and a paintbrush.

Snazaroo Unisex Face Painting Sticks are priced at £4.99 and are available to buy in store.

We were provided with this product to review free of charge. My opinions are, as always, honest and unbiased.

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  1. Lauren says

    Now you see, I'dve liked to be able to rate your art work : ) but you'd probably have to get loads of permission forms signed to put the childrens faces on the internet and it wouldve been a mare.

    All my student have no choice about appearing in the toyology as they are far too old to get worried about things like that!

    Well Reviewed tho'

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