ShowOff ShowCase: The One With The Photo

I am overwhelmed at how many lovely people join in with my little ShowOff ShowCase, many of them are regulars, so thank you. However I know that sometimes the theme can exclude some people because they haven't done a post on that theme, which is why I thought I'd go with a very simple theme that I've done in the past and I know allowed more people to join in.

I love The Gallery and Silent Sunday, and have taken part in Wordless Wednesday once or twice. Sometimes though, you don't get the reaction that you anticipated for your carefully selected photo. So this weekend's carousel allows for you to share your most favourite entry into any of these, or a 365 entry, or indeed a general post centred around an adored photo. The added bonus being that if you do choose a Silent Sunday or Wordless Wednesday post, you can add text to it in order to explain it further.

It's time for you to now link-up please and show off your favourite photo-post. Simply enter your link below and then add my badge to that post using the nifty html that hubby whipped up.

And don't forget to visit the other blogs!

ShowOff ShowCase


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