One happy, smiling, cheerful, polite, gorgeous little boy! Answers to the names of 'Oh, darling' and 'scrumpy-bum'.

Today, I have been Ubër-mummy. It has almost killed me but I have done it.

We have played jigsaws and lotto, done playdough and sticking. We've drawn, we've coloured. We ate lunch together at the same time! We had a firm and successful naptime (albeit only an hour or so). We have played small world together, we have cooked and washed up. We've played in the garden.

And it has paid off because a happy and cheerful, polite and obliging child is currently being laid down in his bed fast asleep.

Now where's my bed because I am completely and utterly exhausted!

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  1. says

    they are bloody hard work aren't they! I usually get Tuesday to myself but the poxy pox put paid to that today! We mostly did cars & wrestling.
    I'm glad you found your 'scrumpy bum' again

  2. Michelle Twin Mum says

    Well done you, some days I can manage to be uber mummy, others I am just Mich! but uber mummy days do feel good, if exhausting!

    Mich x

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