Mammy-Who? MammyWoo!

Apologies for this blatant plug for my very good chum Lexy who is a finalist in the MAD Blog Awards 2011.

Actually no, not apologies, she's fantastic and quite frankly deserves to win.

There are not many blog writers who can have you literally crying with laughter one minute and the next minute you are sobbing with sympathy. MammyWoo can. She is more than just the self-deprecating manic mummy that she is often portrayed in her posts. Her plight to conquer the demon of post-natal depression is so over-whelmingly heart-wrenching that I defy you not to feel her pain and desire. Alongside the posts of the therapists and the snot-encrusted eyebrows there sits the tale of making the doctors realise that her precious baby boy Woo (otherwise known as Addison) was actually lactose intolerant; it was not just a stomach bug.

Lexy is hilarious and a talented writer. Don't believe me? Read these:

And possibly my all time favourite one:

Lexy's going to kill me for this bit but I don't care! She'll kill me for the whole post so what's an embedded video going to hurt?

I would really like you to vote for her to win The Best New Blog in the MAD Blog Awards. Click here to vote. PLEASE?!


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  1. Mammywoo says

    I have had the worst day ever. I was about to throw myself on the bed and cry in pure pissyness over the unfairness of life. My laptop broke, I lost my favourite Cardigan and Addison threw up all over everybody in pc world.

    Then this.

    You are an unbelievably good friend to me and have just turned my frown like totally upside down!! (sista!)

    Thank you so so so so much for this lovely post you are so kind and …. I'm crying again!!

    Thank you.

    Ps- I'm moving in with you. (just so you know.)

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Give me the weekend to sort out the spare room and then you can. There's even a computer in there.

      You are most very welcome!

  2. Mammywoo says

    I'm not sure that reply sums up how grateful I am and chuffed.
    But I was crying over my laptop and now I'm crying because I am an idiot. I am so lucky to hav e such a good friend in my life.

    Basically, I cry a lot.

    I'm stuck on demo mode. I'll be laughing in a
    Minute and shouting soon.


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