When Will He Say It?

The Boy loves me. I know he does because I am his mummy and it's a natural reaction. I also know he does because of the way that he calls for me, asks for "uppies" (cuddles) and asks for "tisses". After a short absence (I'm talking about being in the other room!) his face lights up when he sees me.

In the last week or so, I've been asking The Boy a certain question which he refuses to verbally answer. He knows the question, he knows what it means and he does demonstrate the response. Hubby has been trying hard to get him to say the answer. I have heard him say it in a muffled manner and from afar but he won't say it to me.

Today he did. I asked him, not holding up much hope, but he just came out with it before he realised that he was saying it.

Today he said "lubb…" and then kissed me.

He said 'love mummy' for the first time.

My heart swelled with complete adoration and my eyes welled. I love my son so much.

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    ahh, it's lovely isn't it! Jack says 'Lub u' every night at bedtime but only after I say it to him, I can't wait for the day that he says it without being prompted……somehow I think I'll be waiting a long time if he's anything like the other two though!

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    Ah bless him, Leo will repeated almost everything you say to him (especially if it' something you didn't mean to say) but makes no attempt to say "love you' at all!

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    It is so lovely. A few months ago the little one was playing with her toys, she said "I love you" and the hubby and I both melted and burst out laughing when apparently the doll answered back "I love you too" in a high pitched voice. Now we answer back that way and it makes her laugh so much. I love it.

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    Oh I have tears in my eyes! I still remember the day Eva first said I lub you- we were off to London on the train and she was staying with my mum. My mum cried!! I keep trying with Luka but he just laughs!

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    Aw so sweet, I have a big smile on my face. My 2 year old boy has been exactly like this – won't even attempt to say it, but I know from the hugs that he means it! Very happy for you, it's a great milestone. x


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