Are you there Charley Bear?

As readers of this blog will know, I'm a fussy mother-hen when it comes to what programmes, and channels, that I allow The Boy to watch. The all-time favourite channel before any other is CBeebies, and our favourite time is 'Discover and Do' and therefore any of the programmes on during that time. He has particular favourites, one of them is that cheeky little bundle of teddiness called Charley Bear.

I like the silent little fella for several reasons. James Corden is an amazing narrator, I liked him on The Gruffalo, and love his voice for this. The other reason is the development of the imagination that happens when Charley visits all his marvellous little places. I love the episode on the beach when he's trying to take pictures and the penguin keeps popping up in every shot. One minute Charley is a sheriff in the wild west, the next he's taking photos on the beach. The simple animated images against unfussy backgrounds really draw the attention of The Boy. He's happy, I'm happy: win-win!

We've been lucky enough to have been sent a copy of Charley Bear's first-ever DVD for a preview, and it's good! It's very good. There are seven fun-filled episodes, including PopStar Charley, Big Little Charley (love this one) and Art in the Park. Also on the DVD are a host of DVD extras including a bonus episode, an introduction to Charley and his friends and some downloadable colouring sheets, plenty to do once you've seen the DVD twenty seven times.


To celebrate the release of Charley Bear's first ever DVD, Are you there, Charley Bear, tomorrow (Monday 6th June 2011) I am able to offer one lucky reader a copy.

To enter, simply tell me why you like Charley Bear below in the comments box and then tweet this message:

I've entered to win a CharleyBear DVD with @TheBoyandMe's blog


Competition closes on Monday 13th June 2011 at 8pm. I'll draw a winner at random and notify them that night. If they have not replied within 24 hours, I'll draw another winner. UK entrants only.

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  1. claire says

    It's a big hit in our house too. It's simple, cute and draws both my boys in.

  2. says

    I love Charley Bear for two main reasons:

    1. The song – always in my head for ages after it's been on TV

    2. The cheeky penguin – favourite Frozo moment is when Charley is disco dancing and Frozo keeps popping up behind him.

    I didn't know it was James Corden's voice until I read your post. Silly me, seems so obvious now!

  3. Ashleigh says

    I love Charley Bear because both my kids like it so no fighting over what they want on!
    I have tweeted as @ashlallan

  4. says

    I've just asked daughter why she loves Charley bear so much and she says because it's got Caramel the cow in!

    Tweeted too @missielizzieb

  5. Rachael G says

    We love Charley Bear in our house. As a mum, I particularly like it because it really ignites my toddler's imagination.
    Have also tweeted (@rachiegr)

  6. Sarah Laycock says

    I just love the creativity and endless imagination that always accompanies his adventures – have tweeted @scrumpy11

  7. kirstine meredith says

    Love the fab James Corden narrating ! Bet his new baby son does too!.My ds loves the adventures that Charley Bear goes on and in his words Charley is cute!

  8. Alice Hindley says

    Playful Charlie is my grandkids best friend

    I have tweeted the message @aesop57

  9. katherine grieve says

    James Corden makes this programme, plus its sooo cute!

    have tweeted xx

  10. Dorothee Archambault says

    I have to agree with some comments above: the creativity and also the song!
    I have tweeted @Dorothee77

  11. Carolina J. says

    Simple animated images are great for young children!
    I've tweeted (@pandcands)

  12. says

    I like Charley Bear because his yellow mac rocks!
    Lara doesn't seem to engage much with Charley Bear though at present.

    I have tweeted as @jumblyMummy

  13. buttonf1fan says

    I'm just about to tweet from @ButtonF1Fan 🙂
    Well just becuase its Uber AND its Mr Corden

  14. Heather Shaw says

    We are fans in this house because he looks a lot like Brown Bear – DD bear
    tweeted @kiki_725

  15. sam henderson says

    have tweeted as sambrow

    so so want to win a charley bear, my wee t just loves him

  16. Samantha Clarke says

    I love Charley Bear, both my children love Charley bear. I think I'm drawn into watching it because James Cordon is the cheeky voice of Charley. Charley bear engages my children allowing me to get a few household jobs done while its on – anything that occupies my little ones is a winner in my book!

    I have just tweeted @samba1985

  17. says

    Like you Im fussy about the programmes my sons watch but from the first episode of Charley Bear it had us all hocked, even me if im being truthful! Its a charming engaging programme that encourages children to explore their environment safely and the fact James Corden is the voice is a bonus!

    I have retweeted too @welshmumof3boys

  18. says

    We love Charley bear, I personally love James Cordon doing the voice over, he seems to add a bit of his cheekyness into it. Also my son is called charlie so we often say the phrase 'are you there charlry bear' when we are looking round the house for him. It a lovely programme and both my children love it. xx