The Boy loved the brilliant coloured milk experiment so much, and it went right, that I've had the confidence to have a go at the Volcanic Eruptions experiment. MultipleMummy and MummyMummyMum are doing a marvellous job coming up with a way of sparking the interest of infants, and me, in scientific discovery, and I am keen to continue this with The Boy.

One of the reasons that I'd been hanging back from this one is because I didn't have any vinegar. Well I did, but it's balsamic and I'm not using that for a science experiment. I stopped procrastinating and bought some. Then I didn't have any playdough. So I finally found a recipe, worked out what the hell Cream of Tartar is and made some. Next time I'm doing the stuff that doesn't need cooking. My copper-bottom saucepan was not happy with me.

And so we have a volcanic eruption that The Boy thought was amazing. It went a bit wrong at first; I had poured the food colouring on top of the baking powder and the vinegar couldn't get through, so I had to stir it. The male voice in the background is my dad, affectionately called 'Grandma'. Don't ask, it's easier. But no it's not for any bizarre reasons other than pronounciation.

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