My Mothers' Day

"Go and give that to Mummy".

How many other mummies across the land were woken up by that whispered instruction today? I smiled to myself, turned over and stretched my arms out ready. In trotted The Boy quizzically looking at the card in both hands. I prised the card from his reluctant hands ("pwees, tar") with the bribe of my phone to play with and he then proceeded to rip open the envelope once I'd rescued my card.

I was presented with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by The Boy (and hubby because little'un couldn't see where he was going) the flowers of which he chose himself yesterday in the florists. All I can say is that The Boy has good taste and must have inherited my Bampi's horticultural talents.

I also had some scrummy Baileys chocolates (which is good because the bottle is empty) and a book of 'Mothers' Wit' (I hope he's not implying I need pointers!).

After a blustery picnic (which we bought in Tesco, I'm not making one on my day) overlooking Swansea Bay and a play in the park there, we went to Plantasia, which is a mini-rainforest type attraction. It was just the right size for The Boy and us to cover in an hour; it was informative without shoving it in your face, not crowded and fun. He loved watching the fish and catching the raindrops falling from the waterfall. He also tried to give the parakeets some water because he thought they might be thirsty!

In the evening, we had Mothers' Day: The Sequel for my own mum as she and dad came around for dinner. I gave her the canvas that I had made by Alyson at Lucy's Locket which she adored.

All in all a very satisfying day for me. Thank you hubby and The Boy.

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  1. KatieB says

    Sounds like a lovely day, love the pictures of the boy too, just gorgeous :0)
    I was presented with my cards and presents this morning, little man announced 'Happy Birthday Mummy' and then he and little miss proceeded to unwrap the presents. I didn't actually get my hands on them for about 30 minutes! Hey ho, we did have a lovely day at the zoo though. Happy Mother's Day xx

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