Things I wish I could do

A though-provoking one from @katetakes5 this week, welcome back!

1) Play the piano

I'm not very good at music; I was kicked out of recorder club in primary school, and only managed to stay in guitar club because I knew the words. However, you've got to have innate talent to play those haven't you? Blow a woodwind instrument wrongly and it's shrill. Pluck/strum/whatever you do with a bow a stringed instrument the wrong way & it sounds like a cat being ravaged on a Saturday night. But a piano is different: as long as it's in tune, that's the note it makes, you can't hit the key in the wrong way! (This is what I am telling myself, do not argue with me) I've even got a piano! The infant school were getting rid of theirs  a few years ago so I bought it for £100. It's sat in my dining room for 6 years now, lovingly sanded back and re-oiled. The Boy will probably learn to play it before me!

2) Lose weight

I'm rubbish, I really am! I can do it, I just can't be arsed bothered. Well I have * stones to lose to be back to my wedding weight, and with our 10th wedding anniversary in November, I'd like to do it. Plus I want another child so need to be more fit; I'll be older, it will be harder.

3) Keep my temper

I'm a Leo (not whatever that stupid new zodiac says). "The Leo type is … ambitious, courageous, dominant, strong willed, positive, independent, self-confident there is no such a word as doubt in their vocabularies, and they are self-controlled (?)." Strong-willed? Really? No, I'd never have guessed! I am learning self-control and am better with age, and with being a mother, but it's still something I have to work on. Lots! It does go on to say "A Leonian can … display … excessive hastiness of temper." So that's alright then, I'm excused!

4) Keep my mouth shut

Sometimes, just sometimes, I find myself uttering a put-down or retorting to someone. It tends to be when there is a massive lack of manners being displayed by someone who really should know better. Things/people that wind me up (and I tend to find myself saying something):

  • people not holding the door open for someone. Likewise someone not saying 'thank you' when I've held the door open for them. Yes I am that person who says "Thank you so much, oh no not a problem at all you're welcome" very loudly so they can hear me!
  • teenagers playing football outside my house. I have marched out the house several times and had stand-up rows with them. One of these days there's going to be a news report of them having done me in!

5) Win the National Lottery

I'm not greedy, I don't want six numbers all to myself. I'd be happy to share it, or have five numbers and a bonus ball. £100,000 would change our lives. And yes, I am in it, otherwise I can't win it!


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  1. Jennie says

    I would love to be able to play the piano and often think that I will have lessons, perhaps I will alongside the twins as they get older.
    I would also like to lose weight but just cannot stop eating!

  2. Kate TAKES 5 says

    Hey you just prempted what I had in mind for next weeks list! (pet hates) – great minds and all that… I'm not greedy either – I'll be happy being one of the sharing lottery winners. Mmm £100k….

  3. Misslexywoo says

    Love it.
    I would have to agree with most of those things.
    I would love to play piano, I Had lessons as a kid but hated it.
    Darn my younger self!
    100000 would be lovely.
    Love your blog x

  4. says

    Oh great list! You sound like me with number 4. I remember in my old job there was me and a young lad who was a graduate in the office early one morning. The CEO came down and said good morning to the graduate and ignored me (he was a very sexist guy). As he walked off around the corner I said, a little too loudly "Oh good morning Heather". Next thing, he stuck his head around the corner and said "Morning". No wonder a few years later I was up for redundancy 😉

  5. says

    I don't agree! With no. 4 anyway. You keep on opening your mouth and shouting at teenagers – you are the people's champion! I HATE rudeness and think you're spot on! I play the piano. Learned guitar in my 20's and banjo in my 30's! Nowt stopping you dude – go for it! (If you live near Bolton I'll teach you!) Great post xxx

  6. says

    Great list! And no 4, I'm exactly the same. In fact, I'm worse, when I see dog mess on the pavements you can hear me muttering all the way down at the road, complaining about the person who's not even there to hear it!

    Sorry for not responding to your tweet earlier, Tweetdeck has lost it now I'm home 🙁

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