The Boy:

Mummy. Daddy. Nanny. Grandma (actually means Grandad). Diddie-diddie (tickle). Brrrm. Car. Lorry. Bus. Eh-ore (donkey). Ta. Ockle, ockle, ock (cockerel). Ow-meow-me (cat). Bottle. Drink. Water. Milk. Bambi. Baby. Ball. Army (arm). Knee. Eye. Brocolli. Strawberry. Properly. Greyp (grape). Bubbles. (Mr.) Tumble. Buttons. Oh dear. Star. Moon. Sun. Book. Oliver. Giraffe. Nope. Not. Yep. Uh-oh. Stop. Go.   … (his own name). 'tato. Carrot. Onion. Train. Beep. Click-clack track (!!).



Quite simple I find it completely and utterly mind-blowing that my tiny baby (now 18 months old) has managed to learn all those words. It fascinates me.

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  1. Jenny paulin says

    That is amazing! B knows a lot of things as he understands what we say and can point things out when asked,but still uses grunts and hand gestures to communicate! Well done your lad xx

  2. Jennykate says

    It's amazing how soon they start chattering,they have their own little language,well my boy does,there is only me who knows exactally what he is saying,he is 2 and a half now & speaking in sentances,so wonderful,x

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      I couldn't remember what it was then, had to check back through the post and thank goodness I put the meaning in brackets!


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