Small World Play: Cars and Tunnels

Last year we had a new fridge freezer delivered and it came in an enormous box which The Boy immediately claimed as his own with his toy cars. Digging out the paints and some props, we set to turning it into a small world haven which is still played with weekly. In fact last week I tried to get it into the recycling, but The Boy cried and I'm a soft mum.

Small world play

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Easter Egg Tree Decorations (Ostereierbaum)

When I was a teen, my sister went to Germany at Easter time on a school exchange trip and came back ladened with gifts of delicate, decorated eggs hung on fine thread. She recounted how it was a centuries old tradition to decorate trees and bushes with Easter eggs, known as the Ostereierbaum or Easter egg tree, and proceeded to hang them on cut forsythia stems.

We decided to make some of our own decorations using some polystyrene eggs, ribbons and sequins we had.

Easter Tree Decorations

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Easter Decorations (Tuesday Tutorials)

Spring has sprung and the grass has ris'!

A rhyme my dad used to recite to me as a child and this weekend has definitely seen nature reawaken from a deep slumber. Once Spring is on its way, Easter follows closely behind and for this week's Tuesday Tutorials, I've chosen some great examples of decorations to embrace the Easter weekend.

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More STEM Activities for Children (Tuesday Tutorials)

We're really embracing the world of science, technology, engineering maths in our house at the moment; The Boy is becoming so curious about the inner workings of things that there are nuts and bolts, pipettes and test tubes all over the place!

There were far too many enticing STEM activities linked up last week on Tuesday Tutorials to ignore, so I'm pulling together another selection of crafts and play activities which encourage the more technological and scientific mindset!

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Digital Music for Children

Music is not a strong point of mine and despite wanting to be a veritable maestro on the piano, the most I can manage is 'Silent Night' one handed and with no sense of tempo. It makes teaching music to my class a real challenge, and although it's a bit easier to convince my five year old son that I know what I'm doing, I still need a bit of help!

I've found a selection of software which is perfect to promote musical composition in children, bring on the Beethovens and Mozarts!

Digital Music for Children

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STEM Activities For Children (Tuesday Tutorials)

Following a really successful STEM week in my school a few weeks ago, The Boy has been keen to explore as many different elements of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths as possible. Most children enjoy picking apart how something works and creating, and it's so important to nurture these creative and analytical skills.

This week on Tuesday Tutorials I'm pulling together a range of crafts and play activities which celebrate STEM!

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Engineering With Aluminium Foil (STEM Activities)

Every time we cross the Second Severn Bridge to England, The Boy is fascinated how a 1km long road can be held up by two posts 'and a few wires'. He's asked a few times if we can make a bridge like it, and I'd seen an idea recently about using aluminium foil to construct with so decided to combine the two together.

Engineering Activities for Children

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Children's Crafts Inspired By Nature (Tuesday Tutorials)

The days are lightening and brightening and our thoughts are turning to Spring, full of hope for the warmth on our skins as we play outdoors and enjoy the birth of nature again. As a result of this on this week's Tuesday Tutorials, I'm sharing my favourite posts from the previous week's linky which celebrate Springtime and the wonderful nature around us;

Crafts Inspired By Nature

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