…is anybody there?

There are a few things I really would rather avoid; spiders, nuts, frogs, her from the X-Factor that raps continuously & spoils every song (someone hand the lass a facial wipe too).

Then there are those things that I'm scared of; scorpions, the colour orange (probably best not to ask) and making a fool of myself.

So this is a very big deal for me. I'm 33 and still people's opinions of me matter a great deal. It feels like I'm standing infront of the four judges on aforementioned 'talent' show & that they are about to discover I am certainly not the next Leona Lewis.

There are so many great bloggers out there (MammyWoo, The Moiderer & More Than Just a Mother are some of my favourites) that to even try and dare to put myself out there is daunting. However, with their encouragement I am.

I'm not guaranteeing side-splitting laughs where you are reminded that you didn't do your pelvic floor exercises like everyone told you to. I'm not even suggesting heart-wrenching posts which will have you wiping your drippy nose on your already snot-encrusted sleeve (if like me you have a toddler, you will know what I mean). It's more likely to be idle ramblings to pass the time of day. I get a bit bolshy sometimes, I can be a bit opinionated, but generally I try not to offend.

I can guarantee (hopefully) the correct use of an apostrophe however.

Oh and if you ask nicely, I might explain the orange thing.

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