How to Decorate a Boy’s Bedroom Without the Clichés

Superheroes, dinosaurs, pirates and cars. These are just some of the popular themes that are used for boys' bedrooms. But what if that doesn't reflect your child's personality?

If it's time to decorate your son's bedroom but you're stuck for some fresh ideas, don't panic. Before you reach for the blue paint, take a read of these ideas on how to decorate a boy's bedroom without the clichés.

A bed that’s fun to climb in and out of

The bed is integral to the room, they don't call it a bedroom for nothing! But why not make a feature of it? There are plenty of different children's beds on the market that are fun to climb in to. Pick one that has a fun element to it. Just make sure it can be modified at a later date when they want something more grown up. We have the Kura bed from Ikea which was a really fun bed when he was five year old, but now he is eleven he needs something that is a little more mature and is actually useful to someone five foot tall!

Try a theme that isn’t blue

Themes are great for children's bedrooms, but blue for a boy and pink for a girl is simply limiting your possibilities. Go all out for a theme that feels a bit more unique, or choose one that's a twist on the usual themes. For example, try an imaginative futuristic theme, rather than a standard space theme.

Use paint in a different way

Paint isn't just for the walls. If you're looking for décor that's a bit different, try painting skirting boards, ceilings and furniture in a colour other than white. Lots of parents have started painting murals on their children's walls, but you could also consider a ceiling mural. Maybe with an underwater or beneath the trees theme?

Make a cabinet of found things

If your son likes to collect things from beaches or on walks, like pebbles, fossils and shells, why not create a cabinet of found things? Add in some family photos from days out to go with the items.

Use shapes instead of a theme

If you don't want to use a specific theme in the bedroom, try utilising shapes instead. Use hexagonal and circular wall shelves, paint shapes on the walls, buy a round rug, and hang up bunting.

Make floorboards funky

If you've got floorboards in the bedroom these are ideal for painting. Don't just paint them in one colour though. Use the floorboards to paint contrasting stripes on the floor, or gradually go from a light to dark shade of one colour.

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