Tyre Safety Importance and Why You Should Make Checks

In London, like other big cities, keeping your tyres in good order is crucial for safety. On the capital's street, there are endless hazards for tyres, such as potholes, sleeping policemen and raised kerbs. Then, there is the amount of debris you find on London's streets. You frequently see broken glass and other sharp objects which can all damage your tyres. What safety checks should you be making?

Bulging Tyres

If you look at the sidewall of your tyres carefully once every few weeks, it can mean you spot bulges sooner than you otherwise would. Tyres which have rubber that is starting to split will often bulge at the side. If you notice this, then you need to replace the tyre in question before it blows. To buy London tyres, you can check DAT Tyres site where there is plenty to choose from available.

Tread Depth

Buy a tread depth gauge and insert it into the grooves of each tyre. Doing so will let you know when the tread is getting low enough for you to need to change your tyres. Remember that bald tyres are lethal but ones with lowering amounts of tread become progressively unsafe, too. You need to check all the way around each tyre, so move your car forwards a little to be able to see the section that was previously in contact with the tarmac.

Tyre Inflation

Under-inflated tyres are inefficient to drive on. What's even more of an issue for safety is that they don't offer the same level of traction when you corner. Never drive more than 1,000 miles before reinflating your tyres. In fact, if you live in a London borough with lots of speed control bumps, then pump your tyres up even more frequently. It only takes a minute or two to check when you fill up with fuel, after all.

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