"I Know God's Real Name!"

Declared my son yesterday in Pizza Hut.

My husband and I glanced warily at each other across the table.

"Oh really darling," says I, "What's that then?"

"Joseph!" was the firm response from a confident and pleased young seven year old!

Again, my husband and I looked at each other while also trying not to catch each other's eyes; there was definitely a snigger playing on his face as he declared that as mummy had done R.E. in university and received a very good grade for it, I could explain this one.


Deep breath, think for a second and I started with, "Christians believe [which got a nod of approval and awe at my cleverness from the aforementioned unfavourable husband] that God created everything in the world and the Universe…"

"Well he did mummy!"

"That's what Christians believe, other people believe other things."

"Like that actually it was the Big Bang? Well, he made that happen, so in a way he did create everything."

[We let him have that one.]

"So Christians believe that God wanted to have someone who would walk around on Earth and share about the good things he could help them do, and how believing in him would help them. He sent baby Jesus to Mary to look after, Joseph was like his stepdad. Does that make sense?"

"Yes. Can I have that slice of garlic bread please?"

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  1. says

    My son is all about space and has read many books on the subject. He often gives me questions I don't have a clue about! Well done for satisfying his inquisitive nature

  2. Shu says

    As soon as I heard the word Joseph, I might have taken a tactical trip to the bathroom. Or pretended my phone was ringing! You're a lovely writer too.

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Thank you! I'm never quick enough to come up with get out of the conversation options, I'll remember the bathroom break one for future reference.

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