Interview With A Seven Year Old

Annoyingly, I'm a little late with this post, by nearly two months! I usually post our annual interview on my son's birthday and, despite doing it on time and uploading it to YouTube, I failed to actually write this post.

This year is the fifth year that I've asked him exactly the same set of questions (created by Emma from A Matter of Choice in 2012); we started on his third birthday and it's amusing and fascinating to see how his personality and tastes have changed.

I can't believe how much his voice has changed, it doesn't sound babyish anymore and has deepened slightly. The fact that he can't keep still and wriggles around all over the place just like he did in the first one, amuses me greatly. Oliver Monkey still gets a mention, as do cheesy-ham pasta and my special risotto. And thankfully I am still his best friend.

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