10 Things You Can't Do With A Broken Wrist!

As I've previously moaned, last week I broke my wrist, fracturing both my ulna and radius, and this has resulted in me having my radius surgically fixed with a plate screwed into both bits of the fractured bone. When my mum fractured her humerous eight years, I hadn't realised quite how restrictive it was, BUT I DO NOW!

10 Things You Can't Do With A Broken Wrist.

  1. Share a bed;
    • Due to restrictions on my sleeping position and the abundance of pillows used to prop me and my arm up, my poor husband has about 50cm of our king-size bed to lie on. Once I'm in the right supportive position, the poor bloke has to get into position and NOT MOVE all night; we're both exhausted!
  2. Stay awake;
    • Painkillers, that's all I'm saying.
  3. Wash your hair;
    • Two hands needed, especially if you're like me and bend over to wash your hair. I'm having to get my mum to do it; that's not happened in 28 years.
  4. Pull your underwear up;
    • I'm determined that no-one will help me with this one, I've got my pride. However, I'm getting my knickers in a real twist at the moment, particularly when they get stuck on my left hip and I can't undo them.
  5. Do your bra up;
    • I'm one of those that does bras up at the back, with both hands. I'll leave you to work that one out shall I?
  6. Crochet;
    • I've got minimal movement in the fingers on my left-hand, and my thumb is incredibly stiff which means I've got no pincer grip. And while not everyone crochets, most underestimate how much they use both hands to manipulate something.
  7. Type;
    • I type with both hands, but only with my thumb, index and middle fingers on my right hand, and my thumb and index finger on my left hand. This post has taken more than an hour to type. Unbelievably frustrating.
  8. Drive;
    • I could actually cry about this one. I love driving, and I love my independence.
  9. Grocery shopping;
    • I work part-time and do the shopping on a Thursday. Not being able to drive means we're running low on all the bits that my husband doesn't think to buy. And Aldi don't do home-delivery!!
  10. Be a good mother;
    • Words are failing me on how frustrated I am. I can't cuddle The Boy properly, prepare food, lift him up in the night or when he's hurt to comfort him, play with him properly, or stay patient. It's soul-destroying.
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  1. says

    I really feel for you, it must be so frustrating. It DOESN'T mean you can't be a good mother though, maybe a slightly more cranky one, or maybe a less able one but you are still a good mother – just one with a broken wrist xx

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