Days 73 – 79 of Project 366

Days 73 - 79 of Project 366

73: Mother's Day part 2 as the official one was a little bit marred for various reasons. We nipped over to Cardiff Bay for a brisk walk and scoot around, I think the whole of south Wales had been there at one point or another, and why not? It really was a glorious day.

74: Sky Blanket update! Plenty of rows of blues and a few dusks and dawns.

75: Parents' Evening Part 1: rolling home at 6.30pm and a constant three hours of talking, and I was greeted by this magnificent sight.

76: I'd bought a fab 'mummy and me' colouring book on the weekend and we were enjoying that together, in between daddy trying to help The Boy with his knitting dolly (I have no idea how to use it, and the instructions were winding me up, so over to daddy!).

77: Parents' Evening Part 2: tonight was even later! We thought it would be an easier night with less parents, but the chats needed to be longer and more detailed so we finished at 7.20pm! Absolutely exhausted afterwards, and I just managed to get some time with The Boy at bathtime.

78: We had a delayed parents' evening for The Boy today and I was so pleased to see how much he's progressing with his written work, especially as his target at the last one was to increase the amount he writes. I absolutely adore what he'd written earlier in the day, with absolutely no input from the teacher at all!

'Joe, Beth and Frannie gazed in amazement at the colossal Faraway Tree. The excitement was pouring out like someone's coffee. Joe started to climb the tree, and Beth and Grannies next. After they had (done) a lot of climbing they finally came to the white fluffy gargantuan cloud with the hole. Joe suddenly got picked up. "Help!" shouted Joe, scared.'

79: Preparations for daddy's birthday tomorrow, and The Boy was very eager to wrap up his present himself.

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  1. says

    his writing is awesome and very creative. I don't like the idea of 6/7 year olds having targets personally, but there you go !
    I hope Mr TBaM has a great birthday today – thats lovely wrapping paper. Enjoy the rest this weekend after a busy working week x

  2. says

    Cardiff sounds like a good place for a day trip – might have to do that sometime! The boy's bathtime looks more exciting than mine. Boo to late parent's evenings but what a lovely sunset to come home to. Super writing!

  3. says

    Amazing writing from The Boy! Leo is really not a fan, homework is a very stressful time in our house, but I do feel for him as it must be hard doing it in Greek, I often wonder if he would be a higher level of writing if it was in his first language – he is really good at maths (which does't come from me!) and I wonder if that is because there is less of barrier.

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