Days 66 – 72 of Project 366

Days 66 - 72 of Project 366

66: Mother's Day! This was my breakfast brought to me carefully by The Boy, and despite a non-starter a little later on, it was a good day! My own mum came over with dad for a special dinner, and I invited my sister and her family too. I love getting them all together, it's the thing that memories are made of.

67: A late night in work for me, so I was only able to snap this quickly when I got home. The Boy is desperate to learn how to play chess. I kept telling him to move the horsey but apparently that's not its name?

68: Midnight snuggles with The Boy when we lifted him for a toilet trip. I love how baby-like he still looks when he's asleep.

69: A sumptuous sunrise today, depicted in this row of my Sky Blanket.

70: Gorgeous, gorgeous day and therefore we absolutely had to visit the clifftop park after school.

71: Another day, another park! There was a crowd of children climbing this tree and he was desperate to get up there, but he wasn't quite big or strong enough to pull himself up. I gave him a helping leg-up and he was more than happy to hang around for a bit.

72: More than one photo, but there's a reason so you'll have to forgive me. There are some bollards in a pedestrianised street in Cardiff city centre that have small peepholes in and labels inviting passers-by to have a peek. Inside each one is a miniscule scene which is incredibly detailed. The Boy was examining them, when a couple of lads who were starting to booze up for the rugby spotted him and joined in. It's amazing how people don't spot things unless there's a huge neon sign telling them to look!

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  1. says

    Bishop the horse is called a bishop.
    Glad your mothers day turned out better than you had first mentioned on Fb that day – family get toters are always a time to be thankful and happy 🙂
    Those bollards are a nice idea too x

  2. says

    How cute are the bollards with the pictures in, such a cute idea. I also love how peaceful they look when sleeping, also look like they've not grown up.

  3. says

    Those bollards are fab. Bet they wondered what the boy was doing as they approached. It's so nice to have lighter evenings although with reading to do after after school club we're limited on outdoor play then. He'd never do his reading otherwise.

  4. says

    Aww love your pictures and posts. I am so pleased your mothers day turned out better than you thought it would. I felt for you. Those bollards are a nice idea too. Lots of love xx

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