Days 52 – 58 of Project 365

Days 52 - 58 of Project 366

52: A classmate's party in a local gymnastics club, and I'd been showing The Boy a video of his cousin on the asymmetric bars. He decided that he'd jump onto the first bar, swing around and jump onto the next bar before swinging all the way around again and somersaulting off. Yep, nice plan kiddo.

53: Oh, a sleeping child photo? Must be a work day!

54: Beautiful sunset from my classroom window, I love looking over the rooftops into the setting sun.

55: Making cornflake cakes for the PTA cake sale! Absolutely rubbish photo with our messy kitchen in the background, husband's backside and my random hand. But hey-ho!

56: An absolutely stunning morning and I just had to drive down the beach on the way home after the school-run. I say 'on the way home' but It's the exact opposite direction to my house from school and an extra ten minutes drive. Never mind, doesn't matter when that's the view, hey?

57: Progress on my sky blanket. Not a very exciting week of skies unfortunately, just grey days and blue skies, so I'm trying to get some variety in with the stitches that I work.

58: A thoroughly boring and functional day! I'm fed up of boring weekends at the moment, but it's so damn cold (even if the sun is shining) that I just don't have the inclination or energy to go gallivanting in such cold temperatures. We headed to the library to return some books for The Boy and he spotted his survey on a table, he walked straight over and filled it in. What I love most about this photo is that the question he's completing there is, "Has the library made a difference to your life?"; he said "Yes"!


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  1. says

    I hate boring weekends too! We do far too much work around the house and garden and are tied to too many kids' activities. Some stunning sky photos this week. At first glance, I thought that bowl of mixture was The Boy's breakfast!

  2. says

    I am also thoroughly fed up of boring weekends at the moment but we managed to venture out this weekend despite the cold although we weren't out for as long as we wanted to thanks to the cold! I love that photo from the beach, no wonder you felt the pull!

  3. says

    Wow that is one beautiful pic with the sun on the water!

    Can relate to the boring weekends..we are slowly beginning to venture out now.

  4. says

    i love that shot of the sea – such wonderful colours and light.
    Well done to the boy for making cornflake cakes (and you can't see your husbands bottom!) x

  5. says

    I like the beach photo, lovely reflections.
    Great that the The Boy says that the library has made a difference to his life. ALL children should use the library!

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