Days 38 – 44 of Project 366

Days 38 - 44 of Project 366

38: A nice relaxing day at home, cuddled up with The Boy reading while I crochet.

39: A finished blanket for my friend's little boy. My husband bought me a crochet book for Christmas and this was my first opportunity to try out some of the different granny square designs.

40: During the afternoon break, I was able to pop across to The Boy's pop-up bakery that he and his classmates were running. It was so sweet to see them all standing behind their stalls, politely enquiring what the customers would like, using tongs to put them in paper bags that they'd decorated themselves, and then counting out the change. The Boy was responsible for giving me my change, here he is working out which coin he's got in his hand.

41: The day started with an amazingly beautiful sunrise. And then it poured. All day. Enough now.

42: In between cooking the tortillas for tomorrow's cafe, I phoned mum and suggested we pop out for lunch. We went to a local pub-restaurant with a gorgeous view over the Bristol Channel; what a glorious day!

43: I don't normally post anything to do with school but I'm very proud of my class today. After a term of very hard work on their Global Gourmet topic, they had finished their table decorations (a Mayan temple and an Italian spaghetti fountain), made salsa and tortillas for 200 guests, written information leaflets about their chosen countries, and were ready to serve all their mums and dads during the hour long cafe that they put on. I'm not quite sure that the teachers needed to be there, the children ran the whole thing themselves and were blinding stars.

44: As if the garden hadn't suffered enough from Storm Imogen's temper-tantrum the other night (seven fence panels down or damaged, and the pergola leaning at a worrying angle), this morning I woke up to find three fence panels leaning the other way into next door's garden. And as my husband had woken up with a stomach bug, I had to make a frantic phonecall to the local emergency repairman known as Dad. I currently have two fence panels along the 70ft length of my garden, after he and The Boy ripped the broken ones down and piled them up. I despair at the weather.


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  1. says

    The weather has been horrendous, hasn't it? I often put in emergency calls to my dad too!
    It must have been lovely to have the boy serve you and count out your change and what a fantastic achievement for your class!
    Stunning sky photos too this week.

  2. says

    Damn wind. It's been a pain this year. I remember my mum losing a lot of fence panels like that over the years…until she paid a fortune for those single overlapping upright ones that don't go anywhere. Our 14 ft trampoline is currently upside down and wrecked after winds on new year's eve.

    Nice shop idea your school do. More should do that.

  3. says

    our garden fence has had a battering from the windy weather – it is still up but i don't think it will last another storm!
    That view across the Bristol channel is just amazing – wow! Nice to see some blue skies.
    your crochet blanket looks lovely.
    Well done to the boy on his pop up bakery – such a sweet idea and a great way to learn about money x

  4. says

    A handy repair man to have on speed dial. What a shame about the panels.
    Love the idea of the mental maths working out the change and raising funds at the same time.
    What a great project to have worked on with your class, and how nice it went so well.

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