Days 24 – 30 of Project 366

Days 24 - 30 of Project 366

24: Why in God's name can't my son sleep late on the weekends? Every weekday we have to wake him up at 7am, but on weekends? He's awake at 6 and will not be persuaded to go back to sleep. This is us trying to have a power-snooze; he was having none of it.

25: This week has completely confused me; I've swapped a work day with a colleague and as a result wasn't in school today. I was able to pick The Boy up and take him to a park after-school.

26: The sunrise was absolutely intoxicating this morning, the sky was awash with purples, golds, pinks and yellows, making it a perfect match for a yarn which I've had for a while and didn't know what to do with. Here's today's row of my Sky Blanket 2016!

27: A colleague has commissioned me to crochet two rainbow ripple blankets for her two year old twins; one is a boy so she wanted to ditch the pink and purple and add more greens and blues. I am enjoying working on the transitions between the colours.

28: Another non-work day and we seemed to have a few minutes spare in the morning to do a puzzle. I love the way he kicks up his heels behind him when lying down.

29: Another ripple blanket, this one is off to a little girl in New Zealand!

30: We have had a raucous day today with The Boy and his cousins, involving a trip to Red Hot World Buffet and then lots of game playing. We've got a new game (Bugs in the Kitchen) and the three of them were having a wonderful time playing with the constantly moving Hexbug.


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  1. says

    My two never lie in at weekend either, they really do during the week either but i dream of a sleep past 7.30am (although to be fair the car wakes me up at 6.46m met mornings!)!! I like his star pjs and he does look deep in concentration completing his puzzle.
    Your crocheting projects must keep you very busy and are no doubt a great way to relax and unwind xx

  2. says

    Love his cheeky smile!

    It's the same here. Have to drag them out of bed during the weekday but weekends…….completely different story!

  3. says

    The waking up ealry on weekends is definitely a thing, why do they do it?! One of lifes mysteries and it bugs the hell out of me. Although mine don't wake as early as The Boy! I love his little face pretending to sleep in that first photo! x

  4. says

    You have quite a few blankets going on there, I need to start on my charity one.
    Nice to see them playing together with no electronic equipment in sight.
    Monkey at being up so early at the weekends.

  5. says

    Ooh I admire anyone who has the patience to knit – I imagine it is so therapeutic! Your blankets look wonderful. Love that smiley face of The Boy as he pretends to be asleep 😉

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