Days 10 – 16 of Project 366

Days 10 - 16 of Project 366

10: Today was decicdely 'meh' but we managed to nip out to give the little one a run around on the pier before I slunk back to the warm hidey-hole that was the living room sofa.

11: Doing a crossword with daddy before bed. The Boy has 'First News' children's newspaper delivered weekly (which I then take into school for my class to read) and he loves doing the puzzle section.

12: I've developed a thing for puzzles so despite the fact that it's no longer puzzles, Mr. TBaM and I decided to have a go at this 1000 piece festive jigsaw; great fun!

13: Spaghetti for tea. What can I say? Count your lucky stars it's not a sleeping child photo on a Wednesday.

14: Jenga after tea, and we had a very nailbiting game with the biggest tower ever! The Boy was very excited that this piece of his didn't topple the tower.

15: Not a full blanket-in-progress shot today, just a photo of the yarn I used for today's row: a very mixed sky today with grey-brown clouds splattered all over a brilliant blue sky.

16: We went to see The Peanuts Movie today. The Boy loved it. Mr. TBaM was fainly amused. I went to get sweets, stopped off on the loo on the way to kill some more time, came back and managed to have a little power nap or three with The Boy on my lap. B-O-R-I-N-G! As a result we went for a blast of fresh air and a walk on the pier after to blow the Charlie Brown cobwebs away.


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    Haha! Love your Wednesday comment – mine is always a book in bed shot after a rubbish day back at work! Interesting view on the Peanuts film – we wanted to see it but not so sure, don't think it can top Star Wars! The boy is looking as handsome as ever x

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    That Jenga photo, he';s like a mini you in that one, such a happy face. That last photo is stunning, very arty! And the Peanuts movie…I just could not concentrate through it at all. I still don't know what actually happened 🙂

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    I haven't done a decent jigsaw puzzle in aaaaages.

    I think I need to get the Jenga out again too – though last time we played, Arthur managed to collapse it on his head…

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    Love to see your daddy and boy time together. Well done on the Jenga tower,laughed at the spaghetti picture – my kids did that as well, that is why we never took spag bol in a restaurant.
    Oh dear at the movie, and ha ha at the power nap, hubby fell asleep through the panto we went too.

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    Love the boy's hat in the first picture! I think we had the same idea yesterday but getting the kids to the seaside – nice to get some fresh air

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    The boy's face on the Jenga pic is brilliant, and i'm impressed that he has quite a clean face with spaghetti, mine are usually covered!
    Those wool colours are gorgeous, I have a scarf in exactly those shades. Thanks for the heads up on Charlie Brown, don't think we will bother.

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    love the first photo of the boy 🙂 and your weds comment made me smile. slurping pasta is a fun photo! I thought i was going to have to do a sleeping boy photo this week, until luckily the rain stopped! x

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    oh i loved the peanuts film. rooster took olivers snoopy with him to the cinema to watch, and when i say olivers snoopy i mean from way back when he was younger than rooster!

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    That first picture is so cute and I've got to agree with the others and say that his expression in the Jenga photo is amazing! I'm linking up for the first time and really hoping I manage to complete this 366. Fingers crossed. x

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    I love the pier shot, it's very atmospheric. We've got a Christmas jigsaw that I bought about 3 years ago and I've never done it. I wanted to do it and mount it but I'm not very good at them and keep putting it off!

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