Days 1 – 9 of Project 366 (2016)

Days 1-9 of Project 366

1: Back with a bang! Or rather a fizzle, an 'oh' and an 'ah', and a swizzy whizz bang! Welcome to 2016 everyone, this year will be awesome!

2: Concentrating on some letter formation. His handwriting is beautiful but he really struggles with the size of a lower case 'k', so teacher-mummy whipped up a handwriting sheet for some practise.

3: We went to see Shrek as a family, Nana's treat, and even the Wales Millennium Centre has entered into the swing of things, going green as an ogre. It wasn't my favourite musical; very long and the songs were quite shouty. The kids enjoyed it though, and that's what counts!

4: Day 4 of Project 366 and also of my sky blanket project! So far I had depicted the night sky but went for a raindrop row instead.

5: I took down the Christmas tree and presented Mr. TBaM with three sets of tangled lights; it's a good job that he likes a challenge!

6: A sunset photo, you're going to see a lot of these sky photos, particularly on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. They will become standard working day photos along with sleeping child, or a crochet update. Get used to it!

7: Sky Blanket update! I'm really enjoying exploring new stitch types and investigating combining different yarns and textures.

8: The Boy had a classmate's birthday party to attend in a soft-play centre. He fully enters into the swing of these things, and I love his sweaty face with a party hat on top, but please tell me when my child will stop cramming so much food in his mouth?!

9: Charades after a party tea for his cousin. These two are going to get into so much trouble in the future!

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  1. says

    Welcome back to project 365, we have missed you. Love the sparkler photo and the millennium centre. Can't believe how big the boy is now!

  2. says

    Welcome back lovely! The Mr wrapped in fairy lights made me smile, at least he got involved with that chore! Oh, and children at parties with food? They will ALWAYS cram ALL the food in, especially boys! 😉

  3. says

    Yay welcome back!!! It really hasn't been the same without you and I am sure I am not the only one who is delighted you are back! Looks like a lovely week, I too am sure that there will be a lot of sky pictures and crochet throughout my year! Hope you have a lovely week x

  4. says

    Nice to have you back. Gosh how the Boy has grown, and really looks like his dad.
    Personally I would have put three sets of tangles lights in the bin….no patience for that sort of thing.
    If your week is a bout a sleeping child, the sky and your blanket then I am happy to see them all and to watch the blanket grow. I saw this and thought about ti but meant going and buying lots of colours of wool and seem a bit reckless on my current income.

  5. says

    Happy New Year! Looking forward to joining in with your challenge for the first time. Love the look of concentration on The Boy's face as he does his handwriting practice and I always give the tree lights to my hubby to sort out as well! The sky blanket sounds like such a wonderful project 🙂

  6. says

    Ha, I got the lights job this year, but I had bought a nice new box to put everything in, so actually got organised for once!!

  7. says

    welcome back for 366!
    i love the sparkler photo so clever! and i think your crocheting is amazing.
    the boy looks like he is doing weight lifting in the final photo! I think it is a good thing that he crams so much into his mouth – wish my two were more excited by party food! x

  8. says

    Lovely to see you back, I cannot believe how big the boy has got, the blanket looks amazing, can't wait to see it develop, and everyone loves a good sunset, happy 2016 xx

  9. Lauren (@laurenbigeejit) says

    Hooray! You're back. Love seeing your pics. I'm doing Project 366 over on Instagram too this year…. hopefully I can stick at it 🙂

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