Baby Wardrobe Tips

One of the most exciting times for any new mum or dad is getting the chance to finally dress your baby in all those clothes you excitedly bought during pregnancy.

This, of course, is usually swiftly followed by the realisation that all the clothes you bought during those nine long months are utterly impractical for one reason or another.

There are those adorable dungarees that are impossible to fasten without catching your own or a baby’s fingers. The beautiful smock that makes your baby scream when you try and tug it over their head. The socks that refuse to stay on tiny toes.

“If only I’d known!” we say to ourselves.

This autumn, Persil Non-Bio and Comfort Pure are sharing some top tips with new parents on the tricky issue of dressing your baby. And I was invited, along with a bunch of other parent bloggers, to share my tips on dressing a newborn baby.

Here are some of my favourites:

  • First and foremost, clothes need to be the right temperature for the weather, because babies can’t regulate their own temperature. Don’t overdress baby!
  • Put vests and babygros on feet first and pull them up the body rather than pulling them over the head – most babies really hate things going over their heads!
  • Don’t bother with outfits for three months, no matter how tempting. Given the amount of time you’ll spend changing your baby, babygros and vests are all you’ll need in the early days.
  • Dribble bibs are great, and can be worn snugly underneath baby’s chin for the first few months when there will be a lot of drool!
  • Everyone told me not to bother with newborn clothes as babies grow out of them so quickly, so I only bought 0-3 months – then my newborns were TINY and their clothes were all huge!

This post has been sponsored by Persil Non Bio.

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