Treetop Adventure Golf, Cardiff (Review)

We try to get out in the fresh air as much as possible, but sometimes it's not always achievable, especially if it's a little bit too fresh! We had a bank of 'go-to' entertainment venues which we frequented during inclimant weather, but as The Boy gets older, our needs have changed. We had spotted that there was a new golf course open in the centre of Cardiff, but as it was in St. David's 2 shopping centre's car park I wasn't entirely sure how it worked and what it would be like.

Treetop Adventure Golf is actually a very clever use of an area of the popular car park which was rarely used, and provides an afternoon's entertainment for all the family.

Treetop Adventure Golf 1

The Boy is obsessed with crazy or mini golf, and always asks if he can play it whenever he spots a course. I end up becoming quite tetchy halfway around as he does seem to take forever and I become quite bored. I had mixed feelings about visiting Treetop Adventure Golf because of this, but I knew he'd find it great fun.

I was wrong, we all had great fun!

Treetop Adventure Golf

There are two courses in the golf centre; one is advertised as having more novelty features and one is a little harder. In all honesty, I couldn't tell the difference because the whole venue is really well decorated and laid out ensuring that interest and enjoyment is continual on both of the 18 hole courses:

  • Tropical Trail: This is designed to be a 'jungle trek' with a rainforest canopy, bird sounds, thunderstorms and lightning, frogs singing through the 'marshland' and a small river and waterfall. It's an easier course to 'warm up' users before they head onto the next course.
  • Ancient Explorer: This has plenty of novelty features where golfers need to be a little more clever with the direction in which they hit the ball, and have interactions with huts, trees and Chief Slumber! This was the course where we all ended up with a hole in one!

Each course took us around an hour or so, and in between we enjoyed drinks and a snack in the snackbar on site. At present there are only snacks like muffins and crisps available, however they had just had some pasties brought in for a trial when we went and so we tucked into one of these each; big Cornish style pasties with plenty of filling. There are a range of soft and hot drinks available, along with alcohol and cocktails (or mocktails) and I suspect that the bar has a thriving business in the evenings when Treetop Adventure Golf is open until 10pm.

Prices start at £3.75 for 5s and unders and are £7.50 for anyone over that age, for one course only. Two courses are £12.50 each, however if you arrive and tee off before midday then the second course is free! I think this is an ideal family activity for all ages, especially if you get there when it first opens as the courses aren't so busy then. It is incredibly popular, with all age groups, but it doesn't feel rushed or like you're being chased along as there is a limit on the amount of times you can attempt to tee off in order to prevent a backlog of teams behind you, plus there's a maximum of four people in each team. I didn't once feel flustered or that we were holding anyone up, normally one of the reasons why I become tetchy with mini-golf.

I think this is a good value activity and definitely one that we will be taking part in again. There are children's parties available as well with Bellini pizzas available as the meal, a range of drinks and a round of both golf courses! From only £12.50 each for two hours, this is something I will definitely be investigating for The Boy's birthday next year!

We were guests of Treetop Adventure Golf, receiving complementary golfing and snacks. My opinion is honest and unbiased.

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