Crochet: Corner 2 Corner Baby Blanket

Over the past eight months I've found a new hobby. Having admired those who could crochet for years, bought a hook and yarn in the past but done nothing with it, one day I picked it up and did a search on YouTube. An hour later I'd crocheted my first granny square and I haven't stopped since. I look back at that first square now and wince, but I've kept it as it shows me how far I've come in a short space of time.

One of my favourite crochet items to make is a corner 2 corner baby blanket. Having that random '2' in there as opposed to the word 'to' does irk me slightly, but it's the term that's used to describe the diagonal crochet style which quickly creates this blanket. The crochet style uses clusters of treble stitches to build up very quickly.


Rather than describe how the stitches work (I am no pattern writer!), I'd prefer to point you in the direction of the extremely easy to follow YouTube tutorial from The Crochet Crowd. However, what I can do is explain the amount of rows in each colour stripe. I have chosen to use Ice Yarns Magic Light acrylic yarn for the coloured stripes, combined with Sirdar Cotton Rich Aran in cream. I felt that a whole blanket in the colour-changing yarn would be too bold for a baby blanket so chose to use the cream to lift it.

Corner2Corner Baby Blanket

  • Rows 1-5: cream
  • Rows 6-10: colour
  • Rows 11-13: cream
  • Row 14: colour
  • Row 15-17: cream
  • Rows 18-26: colour
  • Rows 27-29: cream
  • Row 30: colour
  • Rows 31-33: cream
  • Rows 34-48 colour (reducing to make a square at row 41, as per the instruction in the video mentioned above)
  • Rows 49-51: cream
  • Row 52: colour
  • Rows 53-55: cream
  • Rows 56-64: colour
  • Rows 65-68: cream
  • Row 69: colour
  • Rows 70-72: cream
  • Rows 73-77: colour
  • Rows 78-82: cream

The border is a very simple one of two rows of treble stitch (UK) followed by a row of double crochet. I do two rounds of cream to separate the coloured stripes from the final row of the border which is worked in the Ice Yarns Magic Light colour-changing yarn again. You can see very clearly in the blanket below how that round changes colour as it goes around the blanket.

Corner2Corner Baby Blanket pink & peach

I am a big fan of this variagated yarn as it can lead to a vibrant and colourful blanket (as above) or be so subtle in the shade changes (below in the pink and purple blanket). It is also incredibly soft and light.

Corner2Corner Baby Blanket pink & purple

I've sent a few of these off now to new owners, the pink and purple above is waiting for its new owner to arrive in a few weeks. I hope her mum and dad like it!

I also take commissions, if you are interested in this, please contact me at to discuss requirements and prices.

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