Days 1 & 2 of Project 365

Well, that's a surprise isn't it?

When I posted my last 365 photo on Sunday 26th April, I stated that I just couldn't bear to do it anymore. Life had become far too stressful as a school inspection announcement on top of my dad's lung cancer and sister's breast cancer just became too much to deal with; I couldn't see a way out of the stress and 365 was the one thing that I could control to remove as a contributory factor.

I thought I'd never do it again, but it seems that I have missed it far too much. Six weeks without daily photos has mostly been a God-send, but by and large I've missed it. I've missed capturing the little moments that make up the wonders of life.

I thought I might venture back at the start of the school holidays, but actually the end of school inspection coincided with The Boy's sixth birthday, so it seemed a perfect 'Day One' photo.

That was until the poor dab came down with a stomach bug and was sent home from school.

Days 1 & 2 of Project 365

Day 1: When he decided to be ill in the utility room, I had just finished wrapping up The Boy's birthday cake with tin foil, and was about to unpack the £100 worth of food shopping for both the family party that night and friends birthday party the next day. Both of which I cancelled. The food then went in the freezer until he's well enough to enjoy it. I'm hoping that this Madeira cake will last until Tuesday when hopefully he'll be well enough for the family birthday party?

Day 2: All he truly wanted for his birthday was Monopoly Junior and a two-wheeled scooter, both of which we bought for him. While we've played Monopoly Junior (it's a bit boring for me!), he hasn't been able to go out on his scooter because he's not strong enough, so it's standing forlornly in the living room waiting for him to test it out.

It feels good to be back!

365 image (500 wide)

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  1. says

    Ah so pleased to see you back! I'm glad you've managed to find time to unwind and celebrate The Boy's birthday. Fab cake! Hope he's well enough to experiment with the scooter really soon 🙂

  2. says

    welcome back – i knew you wouldnt be able to stay away for too long!
    i am so sorry that the boy has been poorly on his birthday of all the days 🙁
    love the cake (which I am sure will keep until Tuesday) and what a great scooter – he will love it once he is well enough to whizz about x

  3. says

    Happy birthday to the boy & hope he gets well soon. Glad a little of your stress has been relieved. Hope the inspection went well & look forward to seeing lots more photos x

  4. says

    Welcome back. Bummer about the Boy being ill on his birthday. Bet he's gutted. Hopefully he'll be better for next week's party. The scooter looks great fun. I need to get N a proper one rather than the 'first scooter' he has. Then we can go out together on ours.

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