Interview With A Six Year Old

Today is my funny, wonderful little boy's sixth birthday and last night I sat him down in the garden to ask him the same set of questions I've asked him for the past four birthdays. Created by Emma from A Matter of Choice in 2012, the questions never change and it's really interesting to see his little personality develop.

I do wonder if cheesy ham pasta will ever disappear from the list, although I hope Oliver doesn't and I'm a little sad to see Peppa Pig has finally lost her appeal. New additions are Coombe Mill and a crisp sandwich, cheese and onion if you don't mind. I think most of all I'm chuffed that I'm still his best friend.

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  1. says

    That is so cute, cheese and onion crisp sandwiches are the best, and it's brilliant when he says you're his best friend he looks so happy as he does it x
    Can't believe it's been 12 months since I watched the last one though.

  2. says

    Love it! I love the way they look so thoughtful when deciding what to answer and then come out with something really unexpected!

    This year was the first when Leo hasn't mentioned his 'Orange Raff' the giraffe he takes takes to bed and his favourite thing ever and I think the first time he hasn't said 'hosing' as his favourite thing to do outside!

  3. says

    awwww glad that Oliver is still his favourite toy and that you are still his best friend. i think Peppa Pig has def been replaced but she served him so well for so long. he is a sweet heart x

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