Days 109 – 115 of Project 365

Days 109-115 of Project 365

109. We went to Porthkerry Park so we could have lunch on the beach using the Kelly Kettle. I intended for us to have foil-wrapped jacket potatoes heated up over the fire and hot chocolate ladened with marshmallows. This would have been great if the fire would have lit properly, but it was so windy that the flames kept blowing out. Thank God I'd already cooked the potatoes in the microwave before we went, they were still slightly warm and everyone loves cold potato yes? My husband did eventually manage to get the flames lit and enjoyed warm chocolate!

110. After school volcanoes!

111. You know it's been a long day when it's a sleeping boy photo.

112. The clifftop park again. Beautifully sunny day and The Boy managed to swing himself along five of the monkey bars.

113. A school friend's party at Parc Play in Cardiff, it's such a great place to play in the sunshine as there is an outdoor sand area, zip wire, indoor covered area with a wooden play fort, and no padded scaffolding softplay in sight! Plus, t-shirt and shorts? Yay!

114. I love that we spend time after school playing in the garden, it makes me realise how boring out Winter has been.

115. Playing in the garden again, we set up a Coombe Mill playzone although we all really wish that we were there! Been a bit meh today so need to get out and about today!

And as an aside, congratulations to my husband on completing his first and only 365 project; he's vowed never again!

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  1. says

    Your week in photos has inspired me 🙂
    Bummer the flames didn't light for your potatoes, but that was a great idea. I'd love to take the little ones out and do that.
    Love the volcano and the sand play.
    Thanks for hosting 365, and wishing you a wonderful Sunday.

  2. says

    I'm yet to do volcanoes with the girls, I was meant to do it a while ago as they done them at school, on my to do list!! Lots of lovely photos and lots of smiles too. Oh and well done to your hubby 😉

  3. says

    love the coombe mill play area, what brilliant imagination.
    Oh dear at the cold potatoes, but great thinking to precooked them, cold is one thing raw is another…lol
    Good grief is that really a year hubby has been at it
    The party sounds a bit different.

  4. says

    Lovely summery photos – hurrah for most days not being so very long and for happy Coombe Mill memories. Bravo for beach bravery. Wish me luck with first camping (in the garden) coming up next weekend. I have been over to congratulate your husband – great result!

  5. says

    what a beautiful collectuion of photos celebrating the gorgeous weather we have been having. that cooker thing you bought MrTBaM is fab what a great idea! I love him playing with the Coombemill inspired table activity! x

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