Days 102 – 108 of Project 365

Days 102-108 of Project 365

102. Another quiet day in the garden, and Mr. TBaM broke out the Kelly Kettle (that I bought him for his 40th birthday) to make hot chocolate in the garden. We've had a lot of very quiet weekends recently, whereas last year I seemed to drag us around all over the place every weekend. We're all just so tired and have so much on that it's nice to just do nothing when the weekend comes. Nothing but enjoy hot chocolate with marshmallows.

103. I desperately tried to get out of school early tonight, especially as the weather was gorgeous, but colleagues kept holding me up. I did finally get home in time to take The Boy and my mum down the beach for an ice-cream and a scoot. Not that my mum scooted, but The Boy certainly enjoyed himself!

104. Tea on the patio, is there anything better? I love his stance here, he was tapping his foot as he was talking to me.

105. Very long day. Very. Managed to go and feed the swans though after school, even if only for ten minutes it does help to get fresh air and sunshine.

106. The clifftop park after school appeared to be a must, even though it was raining. He insisted on still playing up there, so I insisted on an umbrella!

107. Another day, another park! And I introduced The Boy to mint feasts, gorgeous!

108. The Boy is taking great care of the plants we planted last week and he loves nurturing them. I love his little mannerisms.

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  1. says

    Love his expression on the hot chocolate photo and the foot tapping one. The light on the pier and swan photos is stunning.
    You're so right that it's important to get out, even for a few minutes. I'm a nightmare if I can't get outside!

  2. says

    we are the samd with regards to weekends – i made up for it during half term but sometimes it is nice to potter about the home and garden and not feel i have to take the boys on mammoth hikes!
    some really lovely photos of thr boy this week – love his expression eating his hot chocolate and mint feast, plus some cool shots with the sun like feeding the ducks and scooting x

  3. says

    I've been doing less of the 'we have to do something every weekend' and trying to just appreciate relaxed time more. I like the idea of a Kelly kettle in the garden *goes off to google* 🙂

  4. says

    It sounds like like you are very busy at the moment yet still managing to get out and about after school for a little fun, these are the times you will look back and remember fondly not the extra hours work achieved. I love the duck feeding photo and his patio pose.

  5. says

    ahh you're so lucky having a beach to go to. I need to live by the sea, and I think the only way is to move to Australia really… shame 😉

  6. says

    i agree. We used to try and have action packed weekends and holidays. I am now far more selective because of fatigue and because a home-made hot chocolate in the back garden can be perfect. Love the pier shot – compostion, lighting and of course the subject

  7. says

    I agree, sometimes it is nice just to stop and do nothing at the weekends. Love the photo of the swans, that looks like a very nice place to visit.

  8. says

    gone from tee shirt, shorts and no shoes to hoods up against the rain, good old British weather.
    Laughed at the thought of the vision of your mum on a scooter until you corrected that.
    What a great feeding the swan picture, The Boy is almost a silhouette and great shadows off of the swans.

  9. says

    There's a lot to be said for quiet weekends isn't there? Like you we race around all over the place at the weekend, so when I get a quiet one I relish it.

    The lighting on the later photos is gorgeous, it's lovely that the evenings are getting longer isn't it? I bet you're enjoying being able to get out a little even when you've finished late?

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