Making Celebrations More Special (Review)

A few weeks ago we celebrated Mr. TheBoyandMe's 40th birthday, something he'd been avoiding and was also inevitably going to arrive on the 20th March regardless. He wasn't particularly keen on a huge celebration but it's not possible to let a big birthday go by without a little bit of a fuss being made, despite the bronchitis and laryngitis he had developed.

Balloon Time helium balloons 1

As it so happened, Mr. TBaM was really quite happy with his day as having a solar elipse within ten minutes of your birth time on your 40th birthday is quite a flattering feeling; complimentary when the universe acknowledges your birth! Although he still had to go to work, he did manage to leave work early to come home and open his presents before we all headed out for a family meal in a new Italian restaurant in town.

To try and make the present opening a little more special, we decorated the table with 40th birthday confetti and surrounded it with helium balloons that we'd been sent to try out.

Balloon Time Helium Balloons

I've tried to fill balloons with helium before and failed miserably. As the only other person in the house at the time of me filling them was a five year old who wasn't allowed to use the gas tank, I really hoped that the Balloon Time canister wasn't going to be too difficult! Fortunately it was the easiest part of preparing the whole birthday celebrations; a simple turn of the valve, slide the balloon onto the end of the nozzle and press down to release the helium. Within five minutes we had over 20 balloons filled and strung up. (As an aside, it says on the box that the helium lasts 2-3 hours however these balloons lasted well over 8 hours!)

His reaction was perfect! It definitely went down a treat that we had filled the room, because everyone has an inner child who loves playing with balloons!

Disclosure: I'm working with BritMums and Balloon Time as part of the "Celebration Club", highlighting inventive and fun ways of using balloons. I was provided with a Balloon Time helium kit and have been compensated for my time. All editorial and opinions are my own. Visit for more information and party inspiration. You can also follow on Twitter @BalloonTime.

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