Days 32 – 38 of Project 365

Days 32-38 of Project 365

32. FrithFrow (We went to a crafting session today in Cardiff run by Brecon Carreg, still water company. Normally I don't buy bottled water, however as they were showing us how we could make craft from the packaging prior to recycling, I felt it was an interesting session to attend and share. It's also nice to support a local company. The Boy made a frog friend who he decided to call FrithFrow.)

33. Hook (Of course The Boy wants to have a go at crochet, even if it is too difficult for him! So after school we popped next door to the yarn shop and bought him a pirate knitting doll to try out. And of course, I couldn't remember how to use it so Nana kindly helped out.)

34. Golden Hour (This is the sunset from my classroom window, filled me with hope that Spring was on the way, even if it was then freezing for the next three days!)

35. Mr. Innocent (A certain someone after their bath, butter wouldn't melt in his mouth, would it?)

36. Concentration (After-school crafting and my little one concentrating very hard on getting the piece of sticky in exactly the right place.)

37. Slurper (We went out to a new, local, Italian restaurant which has opened this week. We had great hopes for it as they have a takeaway business, and used to own a restaurant in the town which closed around ten years ago. However, the magic formular of good food and good staff seemed to be lacking the staff element, which saw us getting our pizza boxed and leaving early. I hope it improves!)

38. Newshound (My sister started her second round of chemo yesterday so my niece and nephew came over for the day, and this is The Boy reading his child's newspaper before they turned up.)


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  1. says

    I hope your sister's chemo went OK. It must be horrible to see, but she's lucky to have you to help with the kids.
    Love the cheeky photo wrapped in the towel and the slurping spaghetti pic (even if the restaurant wasn't great!).

  2. says

    Love the close up concentration and that feeling of lying down reading a comic is perfectly captured too. Spring hopes here too. Hope that week 2 of chemo goes as well as it can for your sister x

  3. says

    I love the look of concentration during the craft project. I am sure that the restaurant will improve, hopefully it was just a case of teething problems. I hope your sister's chemo goes as well as it can.

  4. says

    You have a view from your classroom?! You lucky thing 😉 I always wonder about crafting before recycling – we junk model at school and I always wonder when the marvellous creation from plastic and cardboard goes home how quick it will go in the landfill bin! I got a bit excited in town yesterday as a new Italian is taking shape – all we have is Indians Chinese and a Wetherspoons – so I'm hoping it is good. Love to you and your family x

  5. says

    Love the one of The Boy in his towel and of him reading the newspaper, just lovely. Sunset must have been nice while at school too. Our week has been snow, a rugby world cup medal and POD splitting her eyelid open :-/

  6. says

    Love that towel photo.

    Spookily N wanted to play with my wool. I tried making him a plate to weave, but he wasn't really getting it enough to do it on his own. Maybe in a couple of years I'll be able to get him on to my old knitting nancy if he's still keen.

  7. says

    Would you believe it, it's only taken me till FEBRUARY, but I have finally joined in…. You take amazing pics of the boy. Really enjoyed these. The towel one is spectacular, but I love the crafting one and the concentration ones just as much. Liska xx

  8. says

    Loving the towel pic – very cute. I'm liking the idea of a children's newspaper – I know a boy who would enjoy that. Hope your sister is coping ok – it's great that she's got support from you.

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