Days 18 – 24 of Project 365

Days 18-24 of Project 365

18. Master Builder (A trip to Barry Island to attempt to make another sandcastle with a moat and trench which fills up from the sea, and this time we had success. So much so that within thirty minutes the moat was filled, and fifteen minutes later the castle was washed away clean. All that hard work!)

19. First one (The Boy had a friend around for tea after school, and I took them to the park to run off some energy before dinner. And lo and behold, there was a daisy presented to me, the first one of the year.)

20. Shattered (A big cuddle on the sofa after school is all either of us could cope with!)

21. Smiley (His smiley face in the morning is just what I need to give me the strength to get through the day.)

22. Bed hair (This is what I normally have to contend with when getting him ready for school, his hair does its own thing!)

23. Bookworm (Reading to himself in his book nook, something amused him.)

24. Golden house (We popped down to the beach for an hour or so, blow the cobwebs away, and the tide was out further than I've seen it in quite some times. We actually went all the way past the end of the pier by about 20-30 yards; something I've never done before. This is why we have the second highest tidal range in the world. )


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  1. says

    So nice that you live close to the beach. That sandcastle is really impressive, especially with the moat. Sometimes there is nothing nicer than a big cuddle in front of the TV.

  2. says

    Master Builder… Love that shot 🙂
    You guys seem to be at the beach nearly every week – it's fantastic that you're there that much. So many people live close to beaches and never really get to them anyway… Self included!

  3. says

    Love the filter / effects on the top one and you are selling Barry Island to me, as always – still have Gavin and Stacey in my head every time it's mentioned though 😉
    That boy's smile is definitely a good one for cheering up. Hugs x

  4. says

    Loving the bed hair – we have the same problem except for a week or 2 after a barber's visit. Your comments about tidal ranges have set me off googling – learnt some new stuff today which is always good.

  5. says

    love the beach photos – you have been getting down there a lot at the moment – well done 🙂 I need to take the boys again as they cannot wait to make sandcastles again
    a daisy – wow that seems very early. i saw some snowdrops earlier but no daisies! x

  6. says

    Stop posting so many beach photos, the children keep asking to go to the beach!! Think bed head is a boy thing, we have four of them most days!! Or maybe its because the girls know how to use a hairbrush…

  7. says

    That sandcastle is well impressive! Love the bed hair.

    Joining in with the 365 linky for the first time this week. I figure I'll have a better chance of completing it if I'm with a group!

  8. says

    Love the book nook and castle to conquer all other castles. The bed hair reminded me to capture the everyday that I want to remember – thank you!

  9. says

    what a great way to build a moat round your castle, shame it got washed away.
    A daisy this early in the year? that is a surprise.
    That smile would brighten any bodys morning.
    Love the relaxed pose for his reading.

  10. says

    Great sandcastle! We went to the beach on Sunday but didn't make anywhere near such a large castle! Loving the bed head, my son's looks like this in the morning at the moment too!

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