Days 4 – 10 of Project 365

4-10 of Project 365

Oh my god, I hate January. I hate the lack of light and how extremely cold it is. I hate how low I feel after the highs of Christmas. I hate how grey everything is. I hate how I have no energy. I hate how I have far too long before the Easter holidays and the Summer holidays, but the pressures of assessment are starting to loom in school.

However, I'm also doing this whole Embrace Happy thing, so I am forcing myself to find 3 Good Things a day which is helping a bit, not a huge amount, but enough.

4. Mr. Relaxed (A gentle stay-at-home day, making an enormous plane with his Christmas K'nex, reading his annual and relaxing.)

5. Exhausted (He's so very tired, the first week back is so tiring for little ones, and he hasn't even started yet!)

6. Sunset (First day back with the children in school and it was a hell of a day; started with it pouring, I had playground duty all day plus assembly duty – which was horrible – and a long afternoon. After school as I was tidying up from a group of children who know better, this was the view from my classroom window. Reminds me that not every day is good, but there is good in every day. #3goodthings)

7. Waning (I was shattered after three full days in school and as I was struggling up the stairs to bed when I remembered that I needed to take a photo, luckily I checked the time on the moon photo and spotted it was within the 24 hours that made up Wednesday.)

8. Searching (The Boy has a subscription to a new children's magazine called Amazing which has been set up for a review. The first issue was a little gruesome for him and went straight into school, but this one is milder and he was excited to start reading the facts, steal one of my school highlighters and get cracking on the wordsearch.)

9. Concentration (A trip to my sister's after school to give my nephew his birthday present, meant that by 6 o'clock I couldn't be bothered to cook so we went to Harvester. The Boy was thoroughly involved in his activity sheet and behaved impecably.)

10. Parky (The Boy had circus skills this morning so I stayed at home and did my school work out of the way, which unfortunately took longer than I wanted it to. In a bid for my day to not be all about schoolwork, I forced us down the beach. And yes it was partly so I had a photo for the day. However it was freezing and the light was dreadful which just goes to show that even being outside doesn't always help create a decent photo.)


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  1. says

    I'm totally with you on hating January! I just hate how dark it is. I've been hearing birds singing though and it does seem to be getting very slightly lighter in the evenings, so there is hope! The sunset in that photo is fabulous and I love the pic of The Boy doing his word search.

  2. says

    I think the first week back after Christmas is always a tough one – I wish it hadn't been a full week at H's school as he is very tired too. It's a tough time of year for adults too I think. Certainly I find it depressing. Last year I had our Caribbean cruise to look forward to at the end of January and that really made a big difference.

  3. says

    That's a lovely view from your classroom – I'm tucked away with no views out and it gets rather lonely up there. I love your balance between your views on January and Embrace Happy and I'm very similar – trying to be positive but it's so hard! And yes! A sleeping child photo – I must do some of those this year 😉

  4. says

    I used to hate January too but with youngest son's birthday in January (just) it gives us something to look forward and plan. Loving the sunset shot, the parky shot at the beach and your awesome moon shot. Hope school is better next week! x

  5. says

    I think January has to be my least favourite month too, apart from Eliza's birthday of course. Some great pictures though – love the boy standing in that large puddle

  6. says

    Love the sunset and that last one if The Boy especially. It's rubbish January isn't it. So with you there, this week has been tough. I have big hopes for next week x

  7. says

    I know your feelings exactly about January, its dark, dismal and horrid. I also have tired children after their first days back at school/nursery which has resulted in endless bickering and arguing.

  8. says

    The sunset photo is beautiful but the beach one is my favourite, even with the lack of sunlight, I love the contrast of the red against all the blue tones.

  9. says

    Tired days & productive ones 🙂
    LOVE your puddle shot… And word searches with a highlighter pen! That's perfect! I've never seen anyone doing that!! It's way better – you can actually still see the letters after 'circling them in!'
    Haha! It's the simplest things that are revelations out sometimes!
    – Have a fantastic sunday!

  10. says

    I totally disagree about it not being a decent picture, I love the beach one, I'm also delighted that even you sometimes forget to take a photo and have to resort to a last minute one before bed!!

  11. says

    I feel your pain, and agree that January is the worst month. Glad you have joined Embrace Happy though as I love seeing your posts in there, and it does help a little bit doesn't it xx

  12. says

    Being outside doesn't "always" make for a great photo but it massively increases the chances (in other words I am crap with indoor photography). I do really love the beach photo even though it does look bleak

  13. says

    This time of year is always difficult, we all feel so sluggish after Christmas and there seems to be a lot of pressure to be motivated and active. Looks like you had a good week though all the same and I love the photo at the beach with the boy splashing in the puddle! 🙂

  14. says

    What wonderful pictures. I'm linking up for the first time but will try and catch up so that I'm linking up the same week as everyone else as I have done 1-7 in one post as wasn't sure who ran the link at first. Hope that's ok. Looking forward to seeing all the amazing pictures over the next year.

  15. says

    You made it through the week – another one down until things get better with sunshine, flowers, longer days and more fun! Lovely moon. Lovely to see the Boy playing. Hurrah for less gruesome issue.

  16. says

    That sunset is beautiful. I am also struggling a bit with the weather, it's been so ridiculously cold here! That last photo may be of a grey day, but I love it. I'm guessing there's a slight filter on it, which is fab, and I love the splash of red agains the greys.

  17. says

    Wish I had a view like that when I worked in school, it's beautiful. I love the beach, all year round I used to go to the beach and it's something I really miss after moving to London. It's a lovely photo of yours even if you don't think so :-p

  18. says

    Oops, don't know how I managed to press send on that last comment!
    I couldn't agree more re January. In fact once Christmas is done I'm sooooo over Winter. Roll on March I say.
    You have some stunning photos again this week though! I think that last picture on the beach is stunning – def my fave this week (though I do love the sunset and moon pics too). x

  19. says

    The one of him sleeping is so cute. It's so hard getting back to routine of things after having time off from school. I know I feel just as bad getting up in the mornings.

  20. says

    Love the beach picture, the contrast of the red wellies and jacket against the grey back ground. Nice that the activity sheet helped to keep him well behaved. I love sunset pictures and that is a nice view from the classroom.
    Not a lover of wordsearch they make me cross eyed.

  21. says

    eeeeek i suddenly remembered that I had not commeted on your post!! i so apologise
    sorry that it was a bit of a crap week work wise but you still captured some lovely photos of your gorgeous boy 🙂
    the beach shot is fab – looks like it was desserted. xx

  22. says

    Love the beach and sunset shots 🙂 I'm with on January as well. January and February both seem to last forever, especially when I just want spring to hurry up and come!

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