Fresh Start On The Beach

A few years ago we went to Barry Island on New Year's Day and it was the most glorious day; the sun was shining on a perfect, blue-sky Winter's day. When the 1st January 2015 dawned in a similar style, it was absolutely our destination for some fresh air to blow away the previous year's cobwebs.

Fresh Start On The Beach 2015

The Boy's face lit up when I announced where we were heading, and he asked if we could build a sandcastle. How could any mummy refuse that request from an eager five year old?

However what ended up happening is we decided to build a trench from our moat to the incoming tide, and we all set to the task with huge enthusiasm.

Fresh Start On The Beach

It wasn't just us who was eager for the tide to fulfill its task, every family who had to step over the channel stood by and watched enthusiastically, willing the water on as much as us. It also seems that every dog on the beach couldn't resist the draw of a giant hole in sand, much to The Boy's irritation!

Unfortunately we misjudged the position of the castle and moat, and the closest the tide ever came to filling it was three foot away. We stood by slightly disheartened as we watched the tide turn and ebb back out again. However, The Boy deemed it a good practise run and we decided that next time we will check the tide times before we head out, noting the seaweed and driftwood line along the shore.

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  1. says

    The OH suggested going there New Years Day but I poo pooed it thinking it was slot machines – I stand corrected and hang my head 😉 Would you recommend a trip out? Our closest alternative is Weston which is more like a mud channel. Love your pics and the video clips are great 🙂 #countrykids

  2. says

    Lots of fun and something my kids still do time and time again at Polzeath. gorgeous photos and I love the video effect, how did you make that happen in 3 windows? A perfect way to spend New Year's Day in my mind, thank you for sharing with me on Country Kids.

  3. says

    What a magical piece, the breathtaking photography, your beautiful boy and Barry Island too by the sea. I love the Boy's positivity and enthusiasm, what an incredible day and start to the new year and he's testament to you both as parents. You took a risk, got creative, had fun and despite the tide not coming close enough, it didn't matter one bit. Beautiful. And a lesson for us all. I love this post so much, thank you and Happy New Year x

  4. says

    That looks like such good fun – I must try that with my two, although Eliza is more intent on knocking things down and filling in anything her brother creates. Love the video


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