How To Decorate Your Children's Bedrooms For Winter

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With winter well and truly upon us, many of us are looking for ways to breathe some new life into our homes to brighten up this gloomy season.

One area of the house we often overlook is the children's bedroom – with kitchens and bathrooms to think about, we can sometimes neglect an area that is our children's creative space. A child's bedroom is a great place to open up his or her mind, and you can do this with a few touch ups to your décor, which are also in keeping with the current trends. Here's a look at some of the best trends this season which will delight your children.

Deep blues

Paying tribute to the cool nights of winter, deep blues are very on trend this season. Consider jazzing up your child's room with indigo and cobalt blue curtains, duvet covers, lampshades and more – you can convince them that they are in a scene from the hit Disney flick Frozen by investing in a child's bed that carries fairytale castle themes.

Vintage globes

Nowadays, it seems the things that most often pique children's interest are smartphones, tablets and the endless offering of games consoles. However, for a nostalgic look back to your own youth, you can pay homage to the trend of the vintage globe. These sepia-toned study aids are making a comeback in a big way and make a great addition to a child's desk. Not only will your child's bedroom look bang on trend, but they'll also learn a thing or two.

Scandinavian-inspired desks

The chilly peaks of Scandinavia are perfect for inspiring some season winter furniture trends, and this year, it's all about the Scandinavian furniture. In particular, Scandinavian desks, complete with beach wood effect and modern twists and turns, will look great in your child's bedroom. You'll need somewhere to put that vintage globe, so why not on one of these great desks?

Memory balloons

Every child loves a balloon, and you've probably seen more than a few cases of crying little ones over the years as their helium balloons fly up into the sky. This year however, there's a new type of balloon that's guaranteed not to go anywhere – these funky little light fixtures bring an instant splash of colour into your child's bedroom and will help to capture that youthful feel.


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