Days 348 – 354 of Project 365

Days 348-354 of Project 365

348. Prancer Dancer (We were a bit shattered from our long drive down to Peppa Pig World and back so we spent most of the day doing nothing but vegging around the house, not getting dressed until early afternoon. The Boy decided to give Edward a guided tour of all of his baubles and I managed to snap this before he noticed.)

349. Another One For The Collection (The Boy is so proud of every card he receives, and this one was from my great aunt, his great, great aunt! Trying to understand the relationship blew his brain slightly!)

350. Crescent (I've never been able to capture the waning moon before but at 7am this morning it was brilliant and bright!)

351. Wonder (I finished our little Christmas corner in the living room, and the Swedish, Christmas, carousel-style decoration captivated him.)

352. Christmas Hamper (I've really been slow to get all the decorations out because of work and family commitments, so I finally had a small amount of time today to present The Boy's Christmas toys and puppets nicely in his hamper. I set Edward the Elf out reading a brand new book – Santa's Christmas Handbook – and The Boy then spent 90 minutes devouring every aspect of the book.)

353. Too Dark (The amount of time that we're getting to spend outdoors during the week is seriously reduced and I'm not at all happy about it! After school finished today we nipped up to the clifftop park for the fifteen minutes of remaining daylight, the sky was clear but the wind was keen; we lasted ten minutes.)

354. Victorian Christmas (Last year we started something a new tradition, at some point they have to begin and it was the kind of activity that we decided should be repeated annually. So we headed off with Nana to Tredegar House, one of our local Nationa Trust places, to enjoy their Victorian Christmas. I'll explain more in a separate post but one of the activities was to make paperchains and to add them to one of the many giant Christmas trees. A wonderful afternoon and great fun, cuminating in a visit to the big man.)

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    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Spinning class sounds far too energetic for my liking, no way! That was a lovely sunny day, great photo.

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  1. says

    I love your little Christmas corner, especially the houses. I love setting new traditions and renewing old ones from our childhoods too. We are trying to come up with a New Years Eve tradition as we don't go out larging it anymore 😉 Happy Christmas lovely 🙂 x

  2. says

    I love the idea of a Christmas hamper of toys/books. This year I got all our Christmas themed books down from the loft and wrapped them individually for advent. Great photo of the moon!

  3. says

    lovely festive photos 🙂 it is wonderful seeing how much he loves reading. the Victorian day sounds amazing and i am gutted as I meant to go this weekend and ran out of time 🙁
    merry christmas x x

  4. says

    a tour of the baubles, well that is a bit different. I just never have time to get Bob out at the moment either, seem to be working silly amounts of hours and its dark here at 3.30, roll on the Summer months and lighter nights.
    Yes traditions have to start somewhere, Fifi and Bob enjoy the ones I have started with them, ( or carried on from when my children were young. as well as the ones mummy has started
    Hope you all had a good Christmas

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