Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Fire Blastin' Dusty Crophopper (Review)

The Boy has recently discovered the wonder of Disney films which has made Saturday night movie night a lot easier! It all started earlier this year when we went to see Planes: Fire and Rescue in the cinema; he was completely captivated with Dusty Crophopper and Blade Ranger racing up and down Piston Peak.

A month or so ago we were sent the absolutely marvellous Disney Planes Fire & Rescue Fire Blastin' Dusty Crophopper which is one of his favourite toys at the moment. This isn't just an ordinary character plane, the Fire Blastin' Dusty sucks up 'water' balls and with the flick of a switch fires them out at the flame targets.

Fire Blastin' Dusty Crophopper

Just like Dusty Crophopper in the Planes 2 film, Blazin' Dusty is an exciting plane to play with:

  • He has a variety of the character's phrases which use Smart Sounds technology to recognise Dusty's position while he is flying left and right, and also when he is shooting water bombs at the target;
  • When he drives over the water bombs, there is a roller action which scoops up the six balls into a cartridge area inside the plane;
  • A pull of the handle on the top shoots the water bomb out of Dusty, accompanied by an appropriate sound, and at one of the three flame targets included with the plane.

The Boy is completely captivated with Blazin' Dusty, he can play at putting out fires at Piston Peak for well over an hour with Mr. TBaM; the interactivity with this toy is wonderful. With a 13" wingspan it is a large plane to handle and younger children may have difficulty holding the plane in a flying position and pulling the handle at the same time, The Boy tends to keep it on the floor to aim and fire out the water bombs, and this works really well.

 Blazin' Dusty is available from Amazon for the price of £24.99 (RRP £49.99)

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