Sunday 14th December 2014

Sunday 14th December 2014

The annual topping of the Christmas tree. And every year The Boy struggles to put the star on to tree because the springy bit at the base of the star is a bit weird and tricky. And every year I need to correct it afterwards. But this year it did seem to take a bit of a dive sidewards and, as you can see, The Boy was more than a little bit worried! Thanks goodness for artificial trees and bendy branches hey?

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  1. says

    What a lovely image to catch. He does look a little worried. It's a big moment in our house too and our eldest gets very concerned about the star going on the tree.

  2. says

    Oh bless him, his face is a picture of concentration and worry 🙂 Would be rather cute to leave it dangling to one side (As long as it didn't fall off and whack someone over the head of course).

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