Days 341 – 347 of Project 365

Days 341- 347 of Project 365

341. Prancer Dancer (We rounded off our trip to London with a morning trip to the Diana Memorial Playground in Kensington Gardens. It's a beautiful playpark but it has been allowed to run down a bit, needs repainting and a bit of grooming here and there. However, the musical area was wonderful and The Boy had great fun dancing around on these metallic and musical tiles.)

342. In The Cottage (A craft kit that was sent to us by Yellow Moon served brilliantly after school for a quick craft activity; long day in work, bit rubbish, nothing more to say!)

343. Queue Jumper (We headed into town after school to see the Coca-Cola lorry. Only the queue was gargantuan and there was no way we were standing in it. So I popped him around the back of the lorry and Bob's your mother's brother!)

344. Production Line (Last year I refused to send cards into The Boy's classmates because I don't see the point if the child isn't writing them or wants to send them in. This year he wanted to, so we sat down to start writing them. Think we might be ready on the last day of term.)

345. Traditional (The Boy had his nativity concert in school today, we weren't allowed to take photos during the performance but could go down to the classroom afterwards. Here's The Boy as one of the many shepherds that formed the chorus.)

346. Chip (Sorry it's not an attractive photograph by my gorgeous little boy's beautiful front tooth has a massive chip out of it! I don't know how it happened, and neither does he, but I am gutted! Perfect little teeth and now that?)

347. Christmas Treat (We took The Boy to Peppa Pig World in Paulton's Park today, somewhere I had promised to take him during the Summer holidays and failed. I was determined that we'd go before the year was out and am so pleased that we made the trek down to Southampton for it as he was overjoyed. The Winter Wonderland is brilliant there, probably one of the best we've been to. Even though the few minutes spent with Father Christmas was short, the walkthrough the grotto leading to it is fabulous and really engaging. It was a very chilly day there, but the sun shone beautifully and we had huge amounts of family fun.)

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  1. says

    What a great week for the boy (except the chipped tooth!). Loving how you out smarted the queue at the Coke lorry and am so pleased you got to Peppa Pig World. It's brilliant there at Christmas as you've discovered! #365

    • TheBoyAndMe says

      Cheeky husband of yours, although think of the Easter eggs you can enjoy when you finally are allowed to open your mouth 😉

      Thanks for linking up to Project 365.

  2. says

    We have a shepherd here too, with an actual speaking part for once, we never have the main parts…always the similar faces for those 😉 😉
    Oh, the tooth! Still a baby one yes?
    Love your thinking at the lorry 😉

  3. says

    Gemma chipped a big chuck from her front tooth on holiday last year, but the dentist was able to repair it with a white filling material. Love the look of the musical tiles, and the Coca Cola truck – clever Mummy taking a photo at the back 😉

  4. says

    Great pictures. Another great fun filled week. Sorry about his tooth. I was the same with T knocked his out at 3. Almost 6 & still not grown in. These things happen & we feel worst about it. Hugs my love x

  5. says

    oh wow i have never visited the coca cola lorry! how exciting and fab that you found a way round without having to queue!

    awww bless the boy .. i hope his tooth is not painful?

  6. says

    Awww no his little tooth! I have a fear of them falling over and smashing their teeth out. At least it is his baby tooth and not the adult one. The Santa and his sleigh at Peppa Pig world looks fab!

  7. says

    He makes a very cute little sheperd and wow he's writing cards!! Its like he's suddenly all grown up. Z chipped his tooth a few months back and I have not a clue how he did it. I keep thinking the dentist is going to tell me off.

  8. says

    Oh no 🙁 Im persuming its a milk tooth he's chipped? Hopefully the dentist can sort or may advise leaving if not painful until adult tooth comes through.
    Peppa Pig world looks fantastic. It looks like a great fun packed week and gosh isn't the boy growing tall xx

  9. says

    The queue at the coke lorry was over an hour long when it was her, my pics were also taken from the back.
    Ahh a chipped tooth, they run in our famiy, daughter No2 broke the corner off her front tooth, her adult teeth at that in an accident at school, made a right mess of her face, Fifi knocked both her top ones out in an accident at 2, and Minky has already chipped one of his.
    Your quite right on the card issue, and shame the park has been allowed to run down.

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