Beach Play In The Golden Hour

The weekends lately have been hectic, not enough time for us as a family to actually do something and be together enjoying each other's company. Saturdays are dominated by running from here to there via everywhere, and Sundays have seen me panicking about school work and ending up with no family time. It's not great, we need to re-address the balance.

Last weekend we nipped down to see my sister and her family in the next town, and knowing she wouldn't be home for another hour we wandered down to the beach. She lives one street away from the coast and their beach is dominated by rockpools galore, perfect for Winter exploration.

Beach play in the golden hour

The sunlight was perfect, a wonderful example of the much talked about 'golden hour' (the hour before dusk when the sun is low and the light is warm) and we had great fun exploring the pools and jumping over gaps.

Golden Hour playtime at the beach

Absolutely the perfect way to unwind after a frantic weekend, nothing calms me like the sea.

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  1. says

    Beautiful photos! And I know what you mean, I grew up near the sea although we don't live so near the coast now – but it always brings peace and calm 🙂

  2. says

    I know just what you mean about the golden hour. Nothing better on a winter's afternoon than the beach and a "Golden" opportunity with your sister living close by. I love the photo between Dad's legs, it looks like just the family chill out you all needed. Thank you for popping over and sharing with me on Country Kids and hope this weekend isn't all chores and marking papers for you.

  3. says

    Oh the golden hour is the thing that makes this time of year really wonderful – and I'm totally with you on the effect of being by the sea, it's the one thing that seems to put everything else back in perspective for me!

  4. says

    Fabulous photos as always. I'm always jealous of anyone who lives near a beach with us living in the middle of the country.

    The boy looks so tall here too. Love in particular that final photo of him. Beautiful shot

  5. says

    Beautiful photo's and I find being by the sea very calming too, but we live a long way away from it unfortunately. I'm glad you found some time together to enjoy yourselves. These are the kind of things that form the happy memory banks I think.

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