Fraser Bear's Snow Story

We've been invited by House of Fraser's toy department to help them finish off their Christmas story about Fraser Bear. Never one to shy away from a challenge or a bit of creative storytelling, we absolutely decided that this required some hands-on storytelling!

"Do you like my drawing?" Fraser Bear asked Baby Bear as they sat at the kitchen table surrounded by crayons. It was Christmas Eve and they were drawing Christmassy pictures.

But Baby Bear didn't answer Fraser Bear's question. Instead, he pointed at Fraser Bear's picture with a confused look on his face. Fraser Bear looked at his picture, wondering what Baby Bear was confused about. Then Fraser Bear realised. He had drawn snow falling from the sky, and Baby Bear didn't know what it was.

"That's snow, Baby Bear! Sometimes it snows at Christmas."

The story continues with Fraser Bear trying many different ways to explain to his little brother what snow feels like, looks like and the sight of it covering the fields, but poor Baby Bear just doesn't understand!

"Baby Bear, can you imagine what our garden would look like if we covered it in a big, white blanket?"

Fraser Bear's Snow Story

The Boy and I read this earlier and he fell silent while trying to decide how Fraser Bear would be able to explain it to his brother. His eyes fell on our newest arrival to the house, Edward the Elf and the pile of 'snow' that he left when he arrived this morning through his magic elf door from the North Pole.

This is how The Boy finished Fraser Bear's Snow Story:

Fraser Bear went and had a chat with Edward the Christmas Elf to ask him if he could go back to the North Pole and bring some of the magic Christmas snow for Baby Bear. As quick as a flash, Edward rushed through the door and it made the snow on the ground blow into Baby Bear's face. It was very cold and made Baby Bear blink because he was shocked! Edward rushed back through the door with a wheelbarrow full of snow and threw it up into the air above Baby Bear's head. It fell all over him and he shivered in the cold. Then Edward and Fraser laid down in the snow to show him how to make a snow angel and they all laughed.

2014-12-01 22.01.21

More details about the competition are available on House of Fraser's blog, including full terms and conditions.

I was invited to blog about this competition to help promote it, and received a selection of toys as compensation.

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