Days 327 – 333 of Project 365

Days 327 - 333 of Project 365

327. Knotty Vine (We have a pink jasmine climbing over the pergola which has some really long strands hanging down, The Boy decided to tie one of them up a bit to make sure it wasn't in his way; he managed to tie it up by an inch and was satisfied.)

328. Cursive (He wanted to practise a cursive 'm' so I got out the sand tray for him to get really hands on.)

329. Strike! (We went bowling for an after-school treat – a review opportunity – and The Boy managed a strike.)

330. Slumber (I love watching him sleep and it's been a while since I took one.)

331. Pleased As Punch (I went into The Boy's school today to see the class' Great Fire of London museum, and The Boy was very proud to show me his model of the bakery where the fire started.)

332. Christmas Surprises (The lovely folk at Orchard Toys have sent The Boy an early present in the form of their Christmas game, a lovely surprise, thank you.)

333. Free! (A bit of a hectic day racing around here, there and everywhere meant that I felt a bit stressed out, so we went up to the clifftop park to blow the cobwebs through.)

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  1. says

    he has had his hair cut 🙂
    I love the one of him sleeping and i spy the little tongue of concentration appearing! good win at bowling he loosk chuffed to bits in that one x

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