Days 313 – 319 of Project 365

Days 313 - 319 of Project 365

Apologies but a brief description this week; personal 'stuff' which has taken all my energy and occupied every waking though.

313. A trip to Lacock Abbey, The Boy was reading one of the signs in the famous cloisters which have featured in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

314. Painting the dinosaur money bank that nana bought for him after school.

315. A trip to Aldi shopping and then depositing £30.00 worth of tinned and dried food, plus advent calendars, at the local foodbank.

316. After school play at the park where, coincidentally, his new best friend from school was also playing. Beautiful evening.

317. Another day, another park, albeit the one infested with secondary school children who don't let the children play on anything. See this awkward boy going down the 'rock climbing' section when he should be going up? That's him at the moment; determined to do everything his own way and not listen to reason. Stubborn monkey, can't think where he gets it from.

318. Dressing up for Pudsey day in school. He decorated the superhero pants himself and was a little upset that one or two of the children laughed at him.

319. We've come to Bluestone in west Wales for the weekend on a review break, and this is The Boy 'beating' daddy at his first go at air hockey.

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  1. says

    Tell the boy from me that his pants are awesome!! *shakes head and throws my teacher look at the other children* And as for the big kids at the park?? *grrrr* Anyway, love the Lacock pic – one of my favourite places in the Cloisters, I love the tree on the grass in the middle. Well done to the boy for being an air hockey whizz and you, young lady, stay strong x x x

  2. says

    what a really lovely thing to do, taking food to the food bank. we are planning on doing the same in a few weeks (once payday is here)

    I love your super hero! .. he is such a cutie and i love pants on the outside lol

  3. says

    That Abbey shot is great! I so love the look on the boys face. He is so handsome. Sending hugs to you this weekend and wanting to know you are not alone. Hope the trip to the Kingdom of the Elfs was fab today x

  4. says

    Lalock Abbey looks lovely, very magical. What a lovely thing to do making the donation to the food bank, I'm sure the families who receive help will be very grateful. Hope you've had a lovely time at Bluestone xx

  5. says

    I would love to visit Lacock Abbey as it look stunning and I love Harry Potter. The boy looks like a proper superhero in his CIN outfit and means business at air hockey!!

  6. says

    Im with the others, those are amazing super hero pants and why do kids need to be cruel to others?
    What a fab hand in to the food bank, and I am sure the children will love the advent calender treat.
    I love the one of him on the tree, and I hate it when the bigger kids dont et the wee ones play, you want to barge in and tell them but then you also know your kids got to fend for themselves.
    Hugs for your news.

  7. says

    Sorry to hear you are going through some 'personal stuff'. hope this week is better.

    Love that photo in the abbey and such a nice thing to do to take food to the foodbank.

    Great dress up for children in need

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