Days 306 – 312 of Project 365

Days 306 - 312 of Project 365

Cor blimey, you can tell from my photos that I was back in school this week, without the freedom of half term to have fun and games.

306. The Bakery (The Boy has been learning about the Great Fire of London this term and for his final project he's been asked to create an artefact or a building from that time. He decided to make the bakery which started the fire in Pudding Lane, and so we hacked into a cardboard box, painted it, stuck straw on the roof and then shoved tissue paper flames out of the windows.)

307. Upside Down (Mondays are a long day for me, I don't get to mum's to pick The Boy up until 6pm or later by which time he's shattered. This is him having his goodbye cuddle from her, but discovering that the mirror above her head had bevels in it which made his reflection inverse. He thought it was hilarious!)

308. Surveying The Land (After school play up at the clifftop park, my favourite park because of the view over the Bristol Channel. The sunset was amazing.)

309. Fascinated (The fireworks' display put on by the town were amazing, 35 minutes solid of non-stop whizzing and oohing. Oh and a little rushing and screaming when we realised that they hadn't invented a ground firework, it was one which had misfired and was travelling towards us. But generally they were amazing, and this little chap was entranced.)

310. Me (The Boy was so tired after the display yesterday that we didn't have time for sparklers before he fell asleep. So tonight was sparkler night! This is a random pattern that The Boy made, but various people on Instagram decided that it resembled the word 'me'.)

311. Treat (We had an after-school treat in the shape of a frappuccino and cookie from Starbucks, prior to shopping in Aldi for food for the local food bank.)

312. Engineer (The Boy had a great circus skills session this morning, apparently he did a straddle on the silks! When he came home we had a quiet afternoon playing at home and he sat down to create a swing from scratch.)

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  1. says

    Being back at work definitely effects my pics too! Love his sparkler pic – I attempted some sparkler snaps last night…still some way to go! Love his creativity with his homework – much more interesting than the endless spelling and grammar lists my boy gets due to the panic in the bar being raised…..arseing curriculum 😉

  2. says

    My daughter has been learning about the Great Fire of London this term too, and one of the pieces of homework she could choose to do is to make a house from that time. We've talked about starting that a few times, but not quite got there yet! Well done to The Boy for making the bakery and adding the flames!

    Love his expression watching the fireworks too 🙂

  3. says

    you are a good mummy taking your boy to the fireworks! The school project was great (saw it on IG) and he looks like you drinking his drink in Starbucks!!! my photos felt rubbish this week compared to last weeks, it is def easier to snap away when there is no school x

  4. says

    He looks just so grown up in the Starbucks photo. I love the photo looking out to sea as well. I should warn you that when boys get to the age of my son writing rude words or drawing body bits with sparklers creates endless hilariousness. Actually I think it was my brother in his mid 40s who started it. Boys

  5. says

    I hate it when my children come home from school with and say we have to make something!! My worst nightmare, I'm not in the slightest bit crafty and I'd rather not thank you!!! hehe… his little artefact looks superb by the way 🙂 Love the ME in sparkler and the Starbucks stop off.. x

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